Lucero had his baby! A strapping young man by the name of Oliver decided to join the world on Wed. of last week. Congrats Dan and Kristi.

That said, we apologize for having to close Saturday the 15th (today) and hope you will bear with us until Mr. Lucero returns- red eyed from lack of sleep of course and slower than ever mentally speaking (two kids will do that to you).

Trail Report: Cedro and Otero are riding beautifully of course. I haven't checked out faulty or Oso yet but I'm guessing they are now clear of snow and ready to ride. I hiked La Luz a few days ago and there were still large snow drifts in a number of places. Looking down the ski area from the top also showed a number of drifts and snowfields- but less than I expected to see.  I think 10 k will be mostly rideable in a week or two if it isnt already. I will go check next week and report back. If you feel inclined; for a few weeks this spring help us all out and carry a hatchet or bow saw on your rides to help clear the trails. I made it out to the Zuni mountains (by Gallup) a couple weeks ago and they were 95% rideable then- they should be perfect right now. I will head to Santa Fe the week after next and check out the situation there.

The photo below is to get everyone excited for the coming summer.


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  1. It's baby time! Congratulations to the Luceros.

    Faulty, Oso, and North Faulty are in great shape- Tree Spring and above are still a bit wet in places but Tree Spring is largely rideable. Ran a pair of brown bears on Oso Saturday- keep an eye out...