It's been two weeks since I last posted... and I still don't have much to say.

So, for anybody who hasn't heard yet, I have a baby arriving imminently (this is Lucero by the way, no babies for Swinton or Tony... yet, bwahahahaha).  Due date is Sunday May 2nd.

I expect to have very little time and/or motivation to be "blogging" much for a while after baby is here and pooping (and crying, and sleeping, and then of course pooping some more).

Speaking of having a new baby next week, I haven't been riding bikes a whole lot lately.  Swinton and Tony have though.  Swinton has been a busy little racer bee, taking 2nd place Cat 1 30-39 at Socorro, and racing again on Sunday at the Roadrunner road race in the Pro 1 2 race with a whole bunch of Pro team hot shots.  I have only received the briefest of race reports so far, but sounds like things went reasonably well, i.e. he finished the race, didn't get lapped and pulled from the race, but finished with a flat tire.
Tony spent the weekend building some enormous dirt jumps.  The scoop is that the owner of Sandia Motor Speedway is an old friend of Tony's, and a downhiller from "back in the day".  And he has a big ol chunk of land next to the speedway, that is being turned into a massive set of dirt jumps.  These will be a pay to play spot, with a nominal admission rate (think $5 range), and I hear annual passes available for regulars.  The best part about this is that these jumps are on a piece of land that belongs to somebody who wants them, and everybody is welome.  No more of these sagas of awesome jumps getting built in places they aren't supposed to be, and then getting plowed right when they are getting really sweet. 
So, if you want more info on that, give Tony a call.

Well, that's about it for now.  Thanks for reading.

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