Dawn 'til Dusk; a success story!

Last September I found myself in Vegas with Tony and Danny for the trade show.  Wandering along the strip with bottles of Crown in Coke in hand, we stopped at the big crazy fountain show in front of Caesars palace, which is impressive no matter how many times I see it. 
I'm standing there, thinking about the how incredibly powerful the water jets must be, that there must be a crazy maze of pipes and pumps and compressors underneath the pool.  Danny, I believe, was thinking about how hungry he was, and how a whole bunch of Crown and Coke on an empty stomach may be a bad idea.
Tony then let us know what he was thinking... that he wanted a house with a pool the size of the one in front of Caesars, so he could ride jet ski's in it.

The point of my story is when Tony goes for it, he goes big.  So for his first ever XC race, naturally he decided that soloing a 12 hour race on his singlespeed would be a good choice.
Well I've received some text message updates that things at the race have gone very well.  The weather was very warm and calm, a relief to all who attended last year.  Bikeworks had what is likely our biggest showing of racers at an event so far.  Tony completed 5 laps, I am told, and Danny's Duo team with Guy Tan finished in 7th place, I'm guessing with 8 or 9 laps.  We also had Scott Spangler, Alex Leonard, Paul Trotman, William Lujan, and Donovan Womack all racing in Bikeworks jerseys, representing!

I haven't heard any more than that, but I am sure there are some worthy details and stories that I will be filled in on in the days to come, which I will share with the world if they include anything painful, embarrassing, or painfully embarrassing.

We were proud to be the main bike shop sponsor again this year for the race.  For our part, we donated over $600 worth of schwag, and also orchestrated the donation by National Distributing of a sweet New Belguim "Ranger IPA" cruiser, to be awarded to the winner of the Karaoke contest.  I know how badly Tony wants that cruiser, but is it enough to get him singing his little heart out?

I've been told that thank you's are in order for all the friends and family of the Bikeworks racers who were in attendance, providing hearty cheering and support.  As Tony reported, they all "killed it". 

In return for my incredibly responsible-ness of staying behind and dutifully operating our business while my partners raced, I requested some pictures when they returned, and nothing else.  So hopefully I'll have some pics to share soon.  And if not, that's it, I'm walking out, quitting forever.  Maybe Performance could use a new mechanic....

In other news,  I rode Cedro yesterday morning, and it was 99% dry and completely ride-able.  I suggest getting out there ASAP and remembering that there is more to mountain biking that the Foothills. It has been a long winter.
I have also been told that Otero is starting to look pretty good, but there are still plenty of muddy areas.  Guesses of 2 more weeks have been thrown out there, which sounds good enough to me.  Anybody know otherwise about Otero?

Thanks for reading
- Lucero

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