Bike shop drama, and get your nerd on...

Most people in the Albuquerque cycling community know by now that Albuquerque Bicycle Center has gone out of business.  We had heard a couple of rumors, but didn't really take it seriously until whammo, doors are shut. Employees canned without warning, which is unfortunate, as the owners certainly had some idea that it was all coming apart.

Even the local news was reporting on it, which I found a little surprising. 

The story is that Trek rolled up to the ABC shops with some big trucks, and repo'd all Trek inventory from the shops (which must have been quite a lot, between 3 stores) as a result of overdue bills.

All the other shops in town are undoubtedly waiting to see what happens with Trek locally.  The bike industry is so savage when it comes to exclusive dealership agreements (especially in Albuquerque), it's always interesting when a big brand is up in the air like this. 

Anyhow, I was just spending some time getting all bike dork on the interweb, and I came across an interesting bit of info about chain wear over at the Cozy Beehive.  If you like bikes, and you are a nerd (at least when it comes to bikes) then this is the site for you.

So people will often argue about which chains are the best (at least at my job they do).   Often you will hear claims about Campy wearing the best, and Shimano chains breaking, blah blah blah.  Here's the first test I've seen measuring chain wear against different brands.

Funny, the test is by Connex (who coincidentally perform the best in the test), which is the one brand of chain I have never ridden or owned.  It doesn't seem that the test has any way to measure shifting performance though, I have no idea how you would test for that anyway.  But I've always felt that some chains shift better than others, and in my opinion, I'd take a chain that wears a little more quickly in exchange for better shifting. 

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