It's been two weeks since I last posted... and I still don't have much to say.

So, for anybody who hasn't heard yet, I have a baby arriving imminently (this is Lucero by the way, no babies for Swinton or Tony... yet, bwahahahaha).  Due date is Sunday May 2nd.

I expect to have very little time and/or motivation to be "blogging" much for a while after baby is here and pooping (and crying, and sleeping, and then of course pooping some more).

Speaking of having a new baby next week, I haven't been riding bikes a whole lot lately.  Swinton and Tony have though.  Swinton has been a busy little racer bee, taking 2nd place Cat 1 30-39 at Socorro, and racing again on Sunday at the Roadrunner road race in the Pro 1 2 race with a whole bunch of Pro team hot shots.  I have only received the briefest of race reports so far, but sounds like things went reasonably well, i.e. he finished the race, didn't get lapped and pulled from the race, but finished with a flat tire.
Tony spent the weekend building some enormous dirt jumps.  The scoop is that the owner of Sandia Motor Speedway is an old friend of Tony's, and a downhiller from "back in the day".  And he has a big ol chunk of land next to the speedway, that is being turned into a massive set of dirt jumps.  These will be a pay to play spot, with a nominal admission rate (think $5 range), and I hear annual passes available for regulars.  The best part about this is that these jumps are on a piece of land that belongs to somebody who wants them, and everybody is welome.  No more of these sagas of awesome jumps getting built in places they aren't supposed to be, and then getting plowed right when they are getting really sweet. 
So, if you want more info on that, give Tony a call.

Well, that's about it for now.  Thanks for reading.

Land Managers Meeting

If you like mountain biking, perhaps you should be there....

Calling all Tribes…
Come one, come all, to the Second Annual Land Managers Round Table presented by FooMTB.  This event will take place on, Wednesday April 14th at the BLM Offices  located at 435 Montano, NE.  We will be gathering at 6:00PM and we will have Pizza and Beverages for all.
This is your opportunity to hear what the Land Managers have planned for this summer and the longer term future.  It will allow us to get a better understanding of what the Land Manager’s would like to achieve and to provide input with our ideas and comments. 
The agenda for this event has been placed on the FooMTB Website at Land Managers Agenda .  We are also asking that everyone who would like to attend please RSVP at and use the code “foomtb” (no quotes).  This will allow us to plan the amount of food required for the number of people that will be on hand.
Also, please feel free to forward this to any and all Mt. Bike riders.  This is an excellent opportunity for the entire Community to come together and find out what is developing on the trails that we all love and ride.
Look forward to seeing you there,
FooMTB Executive Committee

 Unfortunately, "beverages" are not adult beverages, I asked, repeatedly.  

The more mountain bikers that show to these meetings, the better for us mountain bikers.  

HABS: Help a Bike Shop blowout sale

So a couple weeks ago I heard about a website called HABS; Help a bike shop.
Essentially, it's a mailing list that bike shops can sign up for, and publish anything they are looking to clear out of the shop.  Then consumers can sign up, get emailed lists every so often, and get help finding sweet deals on stuff.

Check out the site:

Although I recommend never buying anything from anybody other than Bikeworks, no matter what, ever, It's a pretty cool idea, and mutually beneficial for cyclists to get hooked up and bike shops to move some stagnant inventory without dealing with the Ebay option. 

So, below you will find several posts listing individual items for sale at cheap prices (there is one post per item, as requested by the HABS proprietor).  Obviously, if you are local, just come on by, the prices apply in store as well.

Awesome, thanks for buying stuff.  Hopefully we will have some success with this, and it will become a recurring theme on this here internet web log website.


Blowout Sale: Giro Proof Winter Gloves

Giro "Proof" winter gloves. MSRP $50, on sale for $30.  These are some serious winter riding gloves. Thinsulate insulation rated to 30 degrees, with a removable liner glove that can be used by itself, it's like two gloves in one. 
We have at least one of each size.  Grab some now and be prepared for next winter.

Info or purchasing call 505-884-0341 or email

We accept all Credit Cards, and Paypal.  Buyer pays shipping, USPS Flat Rate boxes when applicable.

Blowout Sale: Cane Creek "Ash" integrated headset, 36 x 45 deg.

Cane Creek "Ash" wooden integrated headset, 36 x 45 degree bearings.  MSRP $149.99, on sale for $105.
Does your bike take a 36 x 45 degree integrated headset?  Here's a good looking option for you.

For questions or to purchase call 505-884-0341 or email

We accept all Credit Cards, and Paypal.  Buyer pays shipping, USPS Flat Rate boxes when applicable.

Blowout Sale: Easton EC90 Crankset and Ceramic BB

Easton EC90 Cranks, 172.5mm length, 53 x 39 chainrings.  MSRP $650, on sale for $450
Easton Ceramic Road BB, English thread, 68mm shell, MSRP $189, on sale for $110.
Buy individually or as a set.
The BB has been threaded into a frame, and the crank slipped through.  This is evident from the loc-tite patches on the BB threads, otherwise there is no evidence or having ever been installed.  Never ridden.

For questions or to purchase call 505-884-0341 or email

We accept all Credit Cards, and Paypal.  Buyer pays shipping, USPS Flat Rate boxes when applicable.

Blowout Sale: Giro Sunglasses, Instigator, Semi, Cymball, Convert Filter, Fader, Splitter.

Giro Sunglasses, many styles, all on sale at 40% off MSRP.  Models include Instigator, Semi, Cymball, Convert, Filter, Fader and Splitter. 

For details call 505-884-0341 or email

We accept all Credit Cards, and Paypal.  Buyer pays shipping, USPS Flat Rate boxes when applicable.

Blowout Sale : 2008 Rocky Mountain Element Frame, 21.5"

This is a 2008 Rocky Mountain Element 70 Frame. Size is 21.5" (would probably fit guys 6'2" and taller).  MSRP $1699 on sale for $1000.

This bike was originally a complete build, but was never ridden.  Parts were taken for some other project, and the frame has hung on the wall since.  A classic cross country full suspension frame, the Element has been refined and perfected over the past decade. 

For questions or purchase call 505-884-0341 or email

We accept all Credit Cards, and Paypal.  Buyer pays shipping, USPS Flat Rate boxes when applicable.

Dawn 'til Dusk; a success story!

Last September I found myself in Vegas with Tony and Danny for the trade show.  Wandering along the strip with bottles of Crown in Coke in hand, we stopped at the big crazy fountain show in front of Caesars palace, which is impressive no matter how many times I see it. 
I'm standing there, thinking about the how incredibly powerful the water jets must be, that there must be a crazy maze of pipes and pumps and compressors underneath the pool.  Danny, I believe, was thinking about how hungry he was, and how a whole bunch of Crown and Coke on an empty stomach may be a bad idea.
Tony then let us know what he was thinking... that he wanted a house with a pool the size of the one in front of Caesars, so he could ride jet ski's in it.

The point of my story is when Tony goes for it, he goes big.  So for his first ever XC race, naturally he decided that soloing a 12 hour race on his singlespeed would be a good choice.
Well I've received some text message updates that things at the race have gone very well.  The weather was very warm and calm, a relief to all who attended last year.  Bikeworks had what is likely our biggest showing of racers at an event so far.  Tony completed 5 laps, I am told, and Danny's Duo team with Guy Tan finished in 7th place, I'm guessing with 8 or 9 laps.  We also had Scott Spangler, Alex Leonard, Paul Trotman, William Lujan, and Donovan Womack all racing in Bikeworks jerseys, representing!

I haven't heard any more than that, but I am sure there are some worthy details and stories that I will be filled in on in the days to come, which I will share with the world if they include anything painful, embarrassing, or painfully embarrassing.

We were proud to be the main bike shop sponsor again this year for the race.  For our part, we donated over $600 worth of schwag, and also orchestrated the donation by National Distributing of a sweet New Belguim "Ranger IPA" cruiser, to be awarded to the winner of the Karaoke contest.  I know how badly Tony wants that cruiser, but is it enough to get him singing his little heart out?

I've been told that thank you's are in order for all the friends and family of the Bikeworks racers who were in attendance, providing hearty cheering and support.  As Tony reported, they all "killed it". 

In return for my incredibly responsible-ness of staying behind and dutifully operating our business while my partners raced, I requested some pictures when they returned, and nothing else.  So hopefully I'll have some pics to share soon.  And if not, that's it, I'm walking out, quitting forever.  Maybe Performance could use a new mechanic....

In other news,  I rode Cedro yesterday morning, and it was 99% dry and completely ride-able.  I suggest getting out there ASAP and remembering that there is more to mountain biking that the Foothills. It has been a long winter.
I have also been told that Otero is starting to look pretty good, but there are still plenty of muddy areas.  Guesses of 2 more weeks have been thrown out there, which sounds good enough to me.  Anybody know otherwise about Otero?

Thanks for reading
- Lucero

Bike shop drama, and get your nerd on...

Most people in the Albuquerque cycling community know by now that Albuquerque Bicycle Center has gone out of business.  We had heard a couple of rumors, but didn't really take it seriously until whammo, doors are shut. Employees canned without warning, which is unfortunate, as the owners certainly had some idea that it was all coming apart.

Even the local news was reporting on it, which I found a little surprising. 

The story is that Trek rolled up to the ABC shops with some big trucks, and repo'd all Trek inventory from the shops (which must have been quite a lot, between 3 stores) as a result of overdue bills.

All the other shops in town are undoubtedly waiting to see what happens with Trek locally.  The bike industry is so savage when it comes to exclusive dealership agreements (especially in Albuquerque), it's always interesting when a big brand is up in the air like this. 

Anyhow, I was just spending some time getting all bike dork on the interweb, and I came across an interesting bit of info about chain wear over at the Cozy Beehive.  If you like bikes, and you are a nerd (at least when it comes to bikes) then this is the site for you.

So people will often argue about which chains are the best (at least at my job they do).   Often you will hear claims about Campy wearing the best, and Shimano chains breaking, blah blah blah.  Here's the first test I've seen measuring chain wear against different brands.

Funny, the test is by Connex (who coincidentally perform the best in the test), which is the one brand of chain I have never ridden or owned.  It doesn't seem that the test has any way to measure shifting performance though, I have no idea how you would test for that anyway.  But I've always felt that some chains shift better than others, and in my opinion, I'd take a chain that wears a little more quickly in exchange for better shifting. 

Thanks for reading,
- Lucero