Spring Please.

So it was beautiful out yesterday, which didn't do me much good as I was stuck in the shop.
Then it was very nice looking early this morning, when I was awake, but didn't want to be awake (the toddler decides when it's time to get up, as many of you know).
Then, about the time of morning that I start thinking about going for a ride, it was suddenly snowing and very crappy looking out.
Then, a couple hours later, bam! Sun is out again.  I quickly got my things together, went and picked up Paul, and headed for the south foothills.
I was a little surprised at how few people were out there today.  I was expecting there to be a swarm headed up to the trails as soon as the sun popped out, but it was actually pretty low traffic.  Paul and I got in a typical South foothills loop, which is getting a little repetitious after such a long winter, but it was particularly satisfying because it felt like we had cheated the weather.  Not long into our ride we could see some serious clouds looming over the West Side.  And not long after that, the clouds had made their way to us.  We finished our ride, got in the battlewagon, and were pulling out of the parking lot just as raindrops began to fall and the wind really began to howl.
HA! Take that you stupid never-ending winter! You give me 3 hours of sunshine, and I will make the most of it.  I was pretty proud of myself.

As we drove away, I had this song in my head....


I would like you to notice that the above video has a 5 star rating, with 4,706 votes, and has been viewed 2,514,471 times in the past couple years. What does that mean? I'm thinking it's time for Sir Mix Alot's comeback and world tour, personally.
This song has a tendency to come on one of the Pandora stations we often listen to at the shop. And when it does, it has a tendency to be awesome and get stuck in my head for at least the rest of the day.
The only downside? No Albuquerque shout out.

 So I haven't been posting as much lately. Mostly because of Mario Kart.  I have been playing the hell out of some Mario Kart lately, and my "posting on the website" time and my playing Mario Kart time are the same time of the night.  Sometimes you have to make priorities. 

For at least the past week I've been meaning to get some nice pictures posted of the shop, now that it is all put back together a pretty.  It really is an amazing difference. However, I have not taken those pictures.
If you haven't been by yet, you should come by and give us lots of compliments about how awesome it looks, because that makes us happy.
And while you are there, you should help us drink out beer.  Last week we picked up a keg of Marble Brewery's Triple IPA.  It is a big mean beautiful beer, and incredibly strong, which means it will probably take us a while to get through the whole thing.  So do Dan and Dan's livers a favor and come drink a couple with us.

One of our regulars just dropped off two external hard drives, both full of music. Nearly a terabyte of music, he said.  That's approximately a bazillion songs.  That is going to be fun for a while.

It seems like most everybody who rides a mountain bike headed up to Sedona this weekend for some good times. Apparently the Sedona "Spring Fling" mountain bike gathering is a regular thing, although to the best of my knowledge I've never really heard of it before.  Perhaps I'm just not cool enough to get invited along.

Have you all heard about the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Race yet?
New Mexico finally has it's own 24 hour race!  It's looking like the plan is a casual, 4 or 5 person Bikeworks Team.  My goals will be a successful first camping trip with my wife, son, and new baby (coming in May), and a camp fire with beer flowing for the entire race.  I think that sounds good.

Well, I'm trying to think of what other awesomeness has happened lately, but mostly I just want to put the computer away and get on with some serious Mario Karting.

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