Longest week ever!

Well, it's been a long week.
Last Thursday we boxed up the entire store, and moved everything from the east half of the store onto the west half of the store.

It was less than fun.

Then the contractor and crew moved in at 7am Friday and started working.  Our friend Greg Joseph, of Joseph Homes did the work for us.  We have been nothing short of absolutely impressed with his work.  We gave him vague instructions like " a wall over there, a shelf over here", and what we got came out looking far better than we had been imagining.  And also he is a mountain biker, so you know he's cool.   Check out his website:


The last of the construction crew was out of the shop by Tuesday morning.  And then we began re-assembling the store.

Tuesday was a long day. Tony picked me up at 6:30am at my house, and dropped me off that night at 10:30pm.
We are thrilled with how the shop is looking though.   The last picture above is from Tuesday night. I don't have any from yesterday or today, but things just keep looking better.
We have drastically increased our storage space, and are making much better use of the little space we have.

Stop by and check it out when you get a moment. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the last of the boxes off the sales floor.  Then I'll take some more pictures and post them.

Thanks everybody for being so patient with yet another weird weekend closure for us, and the longer delay in repair turnaround etc.

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