Daylight Savings is for Jerks!

I don't think anybody hates Daylight Savings more than Swinton. Seriously, most everybody I know finds it stupid and annoying, but I wonder if Danny might get violent over it some day.
He has become convinced that the next Governor of New Mexico could be elected on an Anti-Daylight saving platform, and nothing else.
Fortunately, we have returned to the reasonable side of the deal.  More light in the evening, when normal people who have normal jobs and lives are awake, as opposed to more light at 5 am, when sane people are still snuggly in bed.
I rode home this evening from work with my sunglasses on.  It was fantastic.
The only downside of the "spring forward" change? Trying to convince my toddler that it is bedtime despite the fact that the sun is out.

Bikeworks regular Donovan found a new good reason to own a Maverick fork this evening:

We loaned him our flatbed bike trailer so that he could tow a bike home that was at the shop for repair (he is one of the more dedicated commuters we know).  As we were about to load a bike onto the trailer, Donovan noticed that the frame of the trailer looked awfully close in size to the axle of the Maverick hub.  Sure enough, it wasn't the exact size, but the fork clamped onto the frame with minimal adjustment.  Being a bunch of giant bike nerds, we found it endlessly entertaining.

If you are one of the many people planning on racing the San Ysidro Dirty Century next weekend, keep an eye out for Donovan. He'll be out there sporting a Bikeworks jersey, and probably putting the hurt on a few people.  As I understand it, there is a 74 person limit, and 68 people are now registered, if not more.  Quite the popular event.

Well, I'm going snowboarding in Taos tomorrow.  Just a one day trip, as much as I'd like to stay and eat fancy meals and ride for a few days, it's just not in the plans. So if you were planning on coming to the shop tomorrow and admiring my general awesomeness and stunning good looks, you'll just have to wait til Thursday, or make do with Danny and Tony for the day. 

Super, thanks.


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