Commencal Skin and Lynskey Pro 29 Lefty

So, Charlie's been shopping a little lately:

This is a Commencal Skin, full carbon 26" hardtail. Built with Sram XX Gruppo, and Edge rims on American Classic hubs with DT Swiss Aero spokes.  Also, we took a 150mm DT Swiss fork with a 15mm thru axle, and shrank it down to 130mm.  Also, he is trying out Hope's newest lightest Race something or rather brakes, which have an unbelievable amount of machining on them and seem pretty sweet.
The bike came out at just over 21 pounds, with some fairly heavy tires on it (700 something gram UST WTB's).  With some lighter tires, it'll be under 21 lbs easily.  Not the lightest carbon hardtail in the world. However, we have no concerns with putting a 200lb powerhouse like Charlie on this bike, so all things considered, it's pretty freaking light.

A staunch believer in the "more bikes is better" mantra, Charlies other other new bike rolled in the door the same day I was building his Commencal:

A few weeks ago Lynksey put a notice up on their website that they now had a Lefty compatible Pro 29 frame available, complete with BB30 bottom bracket.  Well, it was just ridiculous enough to get Charlie to bite.  It came in yesterday.  The lefty is their second lightest one made, at just under 3 lbs, it's all carbon-y and lopsided looking and stuff.
We haven't quite settled on how this is going to be built, or if it's even going to have gears or be a single speed (the frame is equally adept at both). I say "we" because clearly this isn't up to Charlie, but more of a group decision.

German makers of ridiculous bike parts Tune recently unveiled a Lefty compatible hub, that weighs just 86 grams.  It currently has my vote for this bike. Of course, he would have to get their new rear hub to match:

This rear hub has one moving part, has magnets in the freehub body (instead of spring, I think), and weighs just 150 grams.  How much does it cost? No idea. But it sure looks radtarded to me.

Busy day at the shop.  Drinking beer and watching the Lobos play.  At least the beer is good, because the game is disgusting.

Thanks for reading.

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