23 Feb We’re Getting A Facelift!

We will be closed this Friday and Saturday (Feb. 26 and 27th) in addition to our regular closed days of Sunday and Monday.
In other words, we will be closed Friday February 26th through Monday March 1st, Reopening on Tuesday March 2nd at 10 AM.

There, now you can’t come by on Friday, acting all surprised and stuff. It’s on the interweb, so you know it’s true.

So, now that I have your attention, I bet you are wondering why we are closing this time?  Well, we’ve got a construction project going on this weekend.  We’ve been talking about it for quite some time now, and it’s finally happening.  The meat and potatoes of it consists of a large shelf above our slat-wall, and a new storage area and wall in the back of the shop.
It’s going to be a big chunk of work, but it’s going to be sweet when we are finished.  

Fortunately we were smart enough to outsource for this project, rather than undertake it ourselves.  Unfortunately, we still have to dismantle the majority of the shop to prepare it for construction, and then reassemble the shop when construction is finished. So we will be open this Thursday, but we will be pulling the shop apart while we are open.  And the following Tuesday, we will be open for business, but the store is guaranteed to be a big mess. 

So, if you were thinking about dropping a bike off for service, it would probably be best just to hold onto the bike for this week.  We will be happy to make an appointment for you though.  We will be scheduling a couple of repairs for the end of next week (March 5th and 6th), and into the following week (March 9th through 13th) during the next few days.

As always, thanks for your patience with our relentlessly weird hours and closures.  I hope that our newly beautified store will make it all worthwhile for everyone.