27 Jan TR450’s, Sierra Nevada, bike blogs….

Tony was on the phone today with Transition, the anxiously awaited TR450 is now shipping.
It’s a hot bike we’ve been excited about for a while.  Check it out:


We will have them in the store shortly.

In beer news, I’ve had recurring conversations over the past few days with different people about how they had forgotten how good Sierra Nevada is.  I agree, it’s an underrated beer.
Also, I can’t imagine our keg-o-Gordens has many days left in it.  I think we have unanimously agreed that it is the best keg we have had yet in the shop (no offense to Marble).  I recommend stopping by sooner than later if you are a person that enjoys delicious beer.

And lastly, I have been recently enamored with the blog over at Competitive Cyclist, check it out.
I have particularly enjoyed all the new bike blogs that I have learned about through it…


for example.

I’ve also been enthused by the words written on that site regarding custom frames and their decision to no longer carry Pegoretti….
In order for a custom frame to have the highest likelihood of success, communication should be in one direction (builder = mouth, customer = ears).

 He first talked about Pegoretti and custom bikes a few posts ago…
and then followed up on it in the most recent post (I linked it above).

I have to say, after reading through some posts, I like Competitive Cyclist more than I used to (I’m generally opposed to any bike biz that operates exclusively online, so I had a negative opinion of Competitive Cyclist despite knowing nothing about them). 
However, while there may be a better blogger over there, we are undoubtedly the better bike shop, so don’t go start buying crap online (I know none of you ever buy anything anywhere besides our shop). Besides, who wants to box and ship their bike every time they need a derailleur adjusted?

Two and a half weeks ’til Old Pueblo.  Is it finally late enough in the game where I can declare that it is too late to build any more fitness, and I should be in “resting” mode, and therefore can feel good about my lack of preparation?  Maybe after this weekend.

Lastly, our buddy Marc has recently found himself in need of a last minute substitute for a partner in his duo team at Old Pueblo.  I think he would prefer somebody close to his level of fitness (i.e. very annoyingly fast).  I would prefer if his new partner is somebody that completely blows up half way through the race, leaving Marc to race solo throughout the night and destroying any chance of him beating Danny and I.   If you fit the latter description,  get a hold of me, and I’ll put you in contact with Marc 😉