Get Stoked!

Every day I see guys getting stoked in the shop, and that of course, gets me stoked.

(warning, there is a handful of f-bombs dropped in this video.  I know, you can't believe we would associate ourselves with offensive language, we're sorry.)

Gordon's Haiku

We finished off the keg of Gordons yesterday.  It was a sad moment, the end of a glorious keg.
I felt inspired to write a poem in it's honor, but a Haiku, not a regular poem, because I didn't want to try too hard.

The Gordons is gone
It was a glorious keg
Gordon will be back

Man! I'm a freaking poet!

So we ran out of beer, but we are in good hands.  Our beloved customers have delivered a 12er of Dales, a 6er of Stone IPA, and a growler of Marble Imperial Stout in the past 2 days.
And our friends over at Marble just informed us that the double IPA is now on tap regularly.  Perhaps that should be our next keg?
I had been thinking that we would limit our beer to one keg a month for this year, you know, in an attempt to control spending and all.  Fortunately, the new month starts awfully soon.  

Managed to hork my back this week, so I'm not going to be riding this weekend.  Fortunately the mountain biking is extremely limited at the moment, so it won't be so hard.  Resisting snowboarding however, that's getting a little tough.

I just finished building a Lynskey Pro29 for a certain doctor customer friend of ours.  It has some stinky light Stan's wheels, a Sram XX drivetrain, a few light bits here and there, and it is wicked sweet.  It weighs in at a whopping 21.75lbs with pedals, sealant in the tires, and Kenda Karma tires.  Not bad at all.
I should put a pic up to accompany, but I'm not, because I don't feel like it at the moment.  So there.

Well, that's about all this poet has to share for now.  Unfortunately, the growler of stout has been finished off while I've had my back turned, typing on the computer.  Life is so unfair.

TR450's, Sierra Nevada, bike blogs....

Tony was on the phone today with Transition, the anxiously awaited TR450 is now shipping.
It's a hot bike we've been excited about for a while.  Check it out:

We will have them in the store shortly.

In beer news, I've had recurring conversations over the past few days with different people about how they had forgotten how good Sierra Nevada is.  I agree, it's an underrated beer.
Also, I can't imagine our keg-o-Gordens has many days left in it.  I think we have unanimously agreed that it is the best keg we have had yet in the shop (no offense to Marble).  I recommend stopping by sooner than later if you are a person that enjoys delicious beer.

And lastly, I have been recently enamored with the blog over at Competitive Cyclist, check it out.
I have particularly enjoyed all the new bike blogs that I have learned about through it...

for example.

I've also been enthused by the words written on that site regarding custom frames and their decision to no longer carry Pegoretti....
In order for a custom frame to have the highest likelihood of success, communication should be in one direction (builder = mouth, customer = ears).

 He first talked about Pegoretti and custom bikes a few posts ago...
and then followed up on it in the most recent post (I linked it above).

I have to say, after reading through some posts, I like Competitive Cyclist more than I used to (I'm generally opposed to any bike biz that operates exclusively online, so I had a negative opinion of Competitive Cyclist despite knowing nothing about them). 
However, while there may be a better blogger over there, we are undoubtedly the better bike shop, so don't go start buying crap online (I know none of you ever buy anything anywhere besides our shop). Besides, who wants to box and ship their bike every time they need a derailleur adjusted?

Two and a half weeks 'til Old Pueblo.  Is it finally late enough in the game where I can declare that it is too late to build any more fitness, and I should be in "resting" mode, and therefore can feel good about my lack of preparation?  Maybe after this weekend.

Lastly, our buddy Marc has recently found himself in need of a last minute substitute for a partner in his duo team at Old Pueblo.  I think he would prefer somebody close to his level of fitness (i.e. very annoyingly fast).  I would prefer if his new partner is somebody that completely blows up half way through the race, leaving Marc to race solo throughout the night and destroying any chance of him beating Danny and I.   If you fit the latter description,  get a hold of me, and I'll put you in contact with Marc ;)

Dawn 'til Dusk Registration Forms are here!

Yesterday we received our Dawn 'til Dusk registration forms, so come on by and sign yourself up!

You can fill out the form and pay us here at the shop.  The race is $70 a person, and $50 if you were signed up last year.  You can pay by cash or check only. 

Everyone 18 and under are free!  So all you young-uns have no excuses.

Registration closes on March 31st.

Solo class has a 125 racer cap this year, so if you want to race solo, sign up sooner than later.

For more info:

You can also register online, at the Gallup Chamber of Commerce, or at REI Albuquerque,  but my guess is Bikeworks is the only place you can get a free beer while you register. 

Hope to see everybody out there! It's a great event that we are excited to be helping sponsor!

Trail Conditions Report: North Foothills

I got out on Sunday for a solid 3+ hours of singlespeed hammering with Marc and Scott.  We started about 8:30, went for an "extended" North loop, and then headed to the South foothills for another very long loop.  Managed to get to the Tram tower and down to I-40 in one ride, on the singlespeed.  Hopefully I can get a couple more rides in like that before Old Pueblo, and find some kind of fitness good enough to see me through 'til the end of the race.

I was a little upset about the conditions of the North foothills though.  I was surprised at how much moisture there was on the trail, considering it hadn't rained or snowed in quite some time. Nevertheless, by 10am, the trail was thawed, and definitely heading towards muddy.

In several places the trail had become seriously rutted out by countless mountain bikers slogging through the mud over the past few weeks.  In some spots the ruts were seriously deep, and the trail just looked destroyed.  I was just a little surprised and dismayed at the fact that so many of our Mtb. brethren are willing to completely ignore the damage they are doing to a trail while riding it during muddy conditions.  It's not as if the North foothills are the only possible option right now, South foothills are always less muddy than the north, Placitas is in fine condition, and of course there is White and Red Mesa (if you have the time).

It really  strikes me as irresponsible to go out and trudge through the deep mud, leaving serious scars on the trail, just because it Wednesday night, and every Wednesday you and your buddies right in the North foothills.  I can only imagine that any trail users who are not on bikes see us bikers as extremely destructive right now, and I can't blame them, the trails look destroyed, and it's clearly because of bikes. 

So, my recommendation (especially considering last nights precipitation) is to give the North Foothills a break for a little while.  If you really want to ride there, try to get out early enough so that the trail is still frozen solid, and that way you won't make any new ruts.  South Foothills is always noticeably drier than the North, and as I mentioned earlier, Placitas seems to be drying out more quickly as well.

That's my little rant for the day.  If you want to hear me complain about anything else,  just give the shop a ring or stop by, I'm sure to be bitchy about something at the moment.  Grumble grumble frizzle frazzle robble robble mumble mumble.

Is it summer yet?

Well, I wish I had some trail conditions to tell you about, or some sweet winter-friendly singletrack that I just discovered.  But I just got on the bike today for the first time since last Monday, and it was the road bike (not that there's anything wrong with that). 
So road conditions report: Cold, and asphalty. 
Not even a particularly eventful road ride, aside from the fact that Charles in charge was with us, which almost never happens on the road.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to look cool on a mountain bike?  For example, a friend takes a picture of you doing something pretty difficult, then you see the picture, and it just looks completely wimpy. 

It kind of gives you a little more respect for the hucksters you see on DVD's, who can actually do stuff big enough to look good on film or print.

 Yeah, the radness in the above photo is barely perceptible, but I'm not going to lie, It was a slight pucker moment for me. 

At least I look good when posing:

Better than Marc, anyway, just standing there all floppy armed, smiling at the camera like a dummy.

Danny and I are both anxiously watching 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo rapidly approach.  I have to say, I haven't seen or felt the buzz about the race this year as I have the previous couple years.  Usually by now I would be talking about gear choice and race strategy with customers on a daily basis.  This year, I haven't hardly heard a peep.
I think it's still going to be a huge turnout, as usual.  The solo category has been full since early October.  It just seems that maybe there aren't as many Albuquerqueians heading out this year.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the buzz just hasn't quite hit yet.
No matter how many of us are out there, one thing is for sure, I'm going to be in the pain cave in a big way.  I think Danny and I are both feeling less prepared than we did last year.  Once again, that might just be my imagination,  but I seem to recall numerous "training" rides from last winter.  This winter, all I can seem to remember are the bottles of tequila from Christmas, and the fact that we have a keg of Gordons at the shop right now. 
If you've never had a pint of Gordons, I'd recommend stopping by, probably sooner than later.  I'd suggest riding your bike over, as this seems to be the sleeper of all beers. 

Here's one more pic, featuring my sweet ass, while I  shred gnar on my hardcore hardtail:

Yeah, I know, Charlie tells me all the time, " you better make sure you never go to prison."  It's a blessing and a curse having an ass so sweet.

Trail Conditions Report: South Foothills

Rode the South Foothills today with Danny for a couple hours (he decided it would be good to ride a bike in the dirt once or twice before racing 24hrs in Old Pueblo).

Anyhow, it's a bit wet. If you want to ride it, I would recommend heading out early in the day. Basically everything north facing was covered in snow at the beginning of our ride (with some ice patches) at 10:30, and by 12:00 it was getting muddy. It was shallow and wet mud, wasn't caking up on our tires, but enough snow melt to cause tire spray up into your sunglasses in some spots.

Definitely be wary of some ice patches.

Everything South facing was dry.

Have fun.

Trail Conditions Report: White Mesa

Just wanted to let everybody know, White Mesa is rather snowy right now, but still perfectly ride-able.

Went out there today with a couple of friends. There were snow bluffs pretty consistently, usually a couple inches deep, but we could ride through almost all of them, and it was plenty cold enough to be just snow, no mud.  It was a fun added element to the ride, not wrecking in the snow.

So, if you are looking for a ride for the weekend, head on out. It's a classic winter mtb route.