Playing With GPS Maps

So, I've been thinking that a whole set of GPS maps of our favorite rides and routes would be a fun thing to have compiled and available for our customers.
It was brought to my attention that Bicycling Magazine has a pretty comprehensive website set up for GPS map hosting, and so I've been checking that out today.
I've set up a Bikeworks Albuquerque user group, under which we can post all our routes. The GPS maps can be uploaded onto your personal GPS unit, or you can print out maps of the ride and descriptions to accompany.
So far I've just put up one of our favorite Cedro-Otero loops. The map is rather un-detailed, but future versions will be more detailed. Check it out:

Bicycling Magazine Bikeworks ABQ GPS User Group Link

My goal is to have a place to point customers, out of towners, etc. when they come in asking for directions for rides. The books and maps covering our local mountain biking are pretty lacking, and I've felt for a long time that something like this could be really useful.

So, if this sort of thing interests you, let me know what you think. Does it work? Can you load it up on your GPS? I know there's a few different sites that have similar functionality, do you have a site that you like better and recommend?

Word to mama bird. Back to fixing bikes.

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  1. great idea man. i think this could help me out a lot. i am not in the know and would definitely like to know more trails.