2010 Lynskey Pro 29

Have you seen the new Lynskey Pro 29? They redesigned it from last year, and we just got one in.

It is, how do you say... ah yes, bad to the bone:

The frame is light, 3.6lbs for the medium, on our scale, with the sliding dropouts and everything.

The tubes, they are so twisty:

It is hard to imagine how they actually make these tubes, there is so much going on.

We got the frame in yesterday, and so far every person who has seen it can't help but put their hands on it. The shaping on the tubes is far more dramatic than we expected, it's quite hard to capture on a picture.

I can't wait to build it up. This one is going to be a very light singlespeed build, for a good Doctor friend of ours.

This will be the third Lynskey we have built up, the others were a Cross frame, and the Ridgeline 29er. So far, we have been nothing short of completely impressed. Beautiful welds, perfectly straight frames, great attention to detail, good looking, and at prices that are surprisingly affordable for a hand made in the U.S. titanium frame of this quality.

Check them out:


You can't see it in the picture, but their seatpost is wicked sweet as well, and matches the frame oh so nicely.

It's Christmas Eve-Eve, it's snowing outside, and it's slow here in the shop.

We just got "The Best of Earthed" DVD, it's pretty cool, we've got it playing right now.

Come by and say hi. We've got a beverage for you.

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