17 Nov Roller Races are Go!

Thanks to our friend Elliot, we are up and running at the shop with the roller races. The requisite computer knowledge to make it all go was miles above our heads, so we outsourced with great results.
Saturday was pretty much derailed due to our distraction from the races.
I just spent a few minutes looking through YouTube trying to find a cool video of some roller racing, as I didn’t take any pics or anything on Saturday. I have come to the conclusion that roller races are a blast to participate in, and absolutely horrible to watch on video.
You will just have to come by the shop and see how fun it is for yourself. We are using the fork mounts for the rollers, so there really isn’t any skill involved, therefore nobody has an excuse to keep from playing.
After a little more time getting the whole “system” sorted with the hardware and the computer and the bikes and all, we’ll start working on booking the shenanigans at a brewery or bar.