A windy 100 miles.

At the last minute, Danny and I decided we would go participate in the Day of the Tread charity fundraiser century. It's a really well put together event, with rides of several different lengths, getting up to a full 100 miler (or maybe 96 miles), and a few different running walking events as well.
Benefits were for the Cary Tingley Hospital, and Casa Esperanza, so you know, it's for the kids.
It was really well organized, what seemed to be a huge turnout, the feed stations along the ride were awesomely well stocked, and there was a buffet and beer tent at the finish, free for participants. All pretty impressive.
Danny, J.F., and I decided we would do the 100 miler, and quickly worked our way to a front group of racer types, carrying a very nice tempo. I had assumed most of these guys were headed out to do the century as well, but when we reached Bernalillo, and the route went right for the 80 miler, and straight for the 100, basically everybody but us turned right.
I was a little surprised, but in hind sight, it seems as though they knew something I didn't; the century route on 550 out to San Ysidro had a gnarly head wind the whole way.
We weren't quite out of Bernalillo, when J.F. supposedly saw a few people way out in front of us. I didn't see anything, and I personally think he actually smelled them, or just sensed them with some crazy extra sensory racer skill he has. Anyhow, he decided those people must be caught, and his head went down, and I was promptly dropped (Danny managed to hang on). They waited for me at the top of a hill, I caught on, and was promptly dropped again.
So I was out alone for the long haul out to San Ysidro, hating the wind.
I eventually got swallowed up by a decent sized group, and then three of us headed off from the turn-around and finished the remainder of the ride together.
It was good times. That was pretty much an off the couch century for me, as the last ride I had done on the road bike was "Danny's Last Ride" last month. It hurt. I was totally cooked for the rest of the day. Ended up finishing the ride in just over 5 hours. Danny and J.F. eventually made contact with the mysterious riders out in the distance, who turned out to be some friends, one tandem and another guy. They grouped up and finished the ride in about 4 and a half hours.

Again, no pictures, not that I would have anything interesting had I brought a camera along. Lots of pictures of empty road.
Instead, here's a few pics that our boy Long took at tall Scott's pre-haloween kegger the other day:

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