We have been very busy at the shop recently and Dan hasn't had the time to write a new post in two weeks, so I thought I would put one up.

Props to Tony and his extended crew that took top honors at the red Bull endurance downhill event in Angel Fire this last weekend. I wasn't there but I am told they won the 4man team, the Duo class, and we helped the solo winner too. Tony said that Dan did a great job as the pit mechanic, actually he said "you should have seen Lucero, he kicked ass" but I assume that meant he did a great job.

Interbike was smaller this year than before with many companies deciding to skip because a booth costs so much and times are tough. Still there were some good things at the show: The SRAM XX is cool and is now starting to trickle into stores; American classic has a new set of wheels that are tubeless compatable and available in 29" or 26" abd are very light, but thaey don't yet have them on their website; new tires from WTB (some are in the store) are cool; DT has some insane new wheels and forks- one set of wheels are tubeless and they have two new carbon mountain wheels, one set of which are very wide All-Mountain wheels that come in at 1550 grams, and they cost as much as some cars. There was more but that is the main bit.

If you haven't seen the new tires from Geax take a browse online- we have a good selection in the store and they are light, effective, and priced well.

The local trails are all in good shape. South Boundry (via Elliot Barker) last Sunday was also terrific, although windy. If you haven't done it this year, get up there and do it quickly before it snows over. I'll finish my post by adding a picture of some ride we did somewhere.


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