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Came across this tonight:

Lance Armstrong Doping History

It's an interesting read, kind of puts all the different little tales you hear about Armstrong in one place. Actually, come to think of it, there's some stuff left out in there that pops up in conversations about him rather frequently.
I'm not necessarily a L.A. hater, but I think it would be interesting to see a list of all the confirmed dopers that he beat the pants off of, while claiming to be completely clean the whole time.
The best part is that this very anti-Lance little article is flanked by advertisements featuring who? Lance Armstrong, of course. Good times.

And while I'm being kind of a sourpuss, how about this:


I can't remember if I've linked this blog before or not, but I get some sick satisfaction from it. My buddy Richaround recently brought a post from last week to my attention:


hmm, what brand of bars are those?

That goes out to Dr. Dave, who until recently was riding a similar bar, and took our advice to switch to something a little more... reputable.

In personal bike collection news, I have project "stupid bike" in the stand right now, hopefully to be finished up tomorrow morning.
What is the "stupid bike" you ask? Well, clearly I needed a 5" travel hardtail in my fleet (or "hardcore hardtail" if you will. Perhaps I've been reading too many British bike mags lately, they can't get enough of the "hardcore hardtail" over there). I have also wanted to own a Hammerschmidt crankset since the first time I put my hands on one. And as soon as I heard about the Hammerschmidt, I thought that it would mate up well with a single cog, giving you a 2 speed bike.
So, project stupid bike is an Evil Soveirgn frame, with a Hammerschmidt crank, single cog in back, and inevitably, some ridiculously large tires, silly wide bars, and shiny bits here and there. It will be the go-to bike for those rides that I'm just a little too scared to bring the singlespeed on, and we'll see if those Brits know what they're talking about.
I'll put up a pick tomorrow when I finish it.

I just saw this link:

Evil Sect 140mm trail bike

Yeah, Tony, Vince and I were in that suite and got to fondle and squish on that bike. I'm excited. They wouldn't let us take any pictures though. They basically dubbed it a "trail bike for the downhiller", which we're excited about, as we have plenty of downhillers around that inevitably will come on a trail ride with me some day, and then get hooked. It's got relatively slack angles, and looks like it will appreciate aggressive riding styles.

Speaking of that suite, it was the coolest thing I've seen at Interbike. The Evil guys basically said they decided to take the 40k they would have blown on a booth and instead hire somebody for a year, and then invite dealers up to a suite to show off the product. The result was a much more personal and productive atmosphere, with big comfy couches which my hungover self much appreciated, and of course a bathtub full of adult beverages, which I also appreciated. It was rad, except that it did smell a little bit like a bunch of hungover dudes hanging in a hotel room, but what can you expect from a bike trade show? Lovely smelling women? Only if they've been paid to stand on a pedestal and hand out literature.

Well, the battery on this here computer is starting to get a little low, and it's getting uncomfortably warm on my lap. The computer says it's 145 deg F inside of itself, and something is spinning at 1995rpm. That all seems a little hot and dangerous to me. What if something melts and then the little spinning thing goes flying around and chops my legs off?

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