Bruised feet and big rides.

Ahh yes, it's now mid October and the temps have been hovering in the high 70's all week, if not higher. While this is most likely bad news for the polar bears and those with beach front property, cyclists in Albuquerque are loving life right now.

My weekend was nothing short of cycling awesomeness.

I got out for my first foray into the world of cyclocross on Saturday, racing in the NM Cross Series #3 This is a 7 race series, and #4 will be this Saturday, although I've heard location isn't quite finalized yet.
The racing was fun, despite a course that contained significant amounts of sand. I raced the Cat 4, and the Cat 3/4 races, faired pretty well in each, then hauled off to finish the day at the shop. Nothing like starting you work day with a little bike racing to put you in a good mood.

My feet hurt now, from all the running in my shoes with no insoles. I have nice little bruises on the bottom of each foot exactly where the cleat is. I managed to flip over the bars once, while trying to muscle my way through one of the mini sand dunes that dotted the course. I believe I stuffed the handle bar into my upper-inner-thigh region at that point, which explains the bruise. And of course there are several bruises on both thighs resulting from my far less than smooth attempts at flying re-mounts, like I've seen real cross racers do.

Good times, good times. Now I understand what all the excitement is about every fall.

Then yesterday we had another fantastic day playing in the Sandias. For those that are familiar with the area, our ride was from the 10K trail head, north to the Ellis trail, then back south to the top of King of The mountain, down King to where it intersects 10K, and down 10K to Tree Spring and ending at Doc Long, where we had wisely left a couple vehicles for shuttling purposes.
We hardly ever use cars for shuttling on our rides, but for some reason I thought of it this time, and everybody was happy I did. It's just so fun to descend around 10K, Oso, and Tree Spring, but it is so unbelievably hard to go up that stuff.

For those of you who have know idea what any of those trails are, you'll just have to take my word for it; they are some of the most technical, demanding, and fun trails that you will find anywhere.

There was a serious amount of leaves on the trail, which made for beautiful scenery and moments of terror when you had no idea what was under your tires.

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence for any of this, as I have been a habitual camera forgetter of late. Hopefully though, Charlie and / or Richaround will email a couple of pics from Sundays ride soon that I can post up.

As usual, it was nearly an all-Maverick ride, with 5 of the 6 of us on Mavericks (one guy was riding a Santa Cruz, and so far he refuses to even try a Maverick, probably because he's going to have to buy one once he rides one, like the rest of us). And as usual, I was absolutely in love with my bike as I repeatedly got in over my head, pushed the limits of my handling skills, and repeatedly came out alive thanks to some serious ass-saving suspension performance.
Yayyy squishy bikes!

In shop news, we're just cruising right along. I just placed our big 2010 order with Giant, and I'm pretty excited for those to start rolling in, especially the new DH bikes and the carbon Trance X Advanced that we ordered (for Charlie... in my size. Bwah ha ha ha, I can't believe I convinced him to get a large again!).

One of our big new plans for 2010 is to have some high end rentals available, particularly in the Downhill variety. So we will have a couple of Giant Glory's, a couple of Commencal Supreme's, and maybe a few others (Transition and Evil come to mind).
We are also putting in a big effort for trail-bike demo bikes, and will have small, medium, and large demos of the Maverick Durance and the Giant Trance X1. We will also have medium and large Tomac Snypers, and I believe a Commencal Meta 5.5 as well (possibly even a carbon Meta 5.5, if we're feeling sassy).
I'm excited about all this, because I think it's silly to buy a full suspension bike without really testing it first, and also because demo bikes keep me from having to try very hard to sell bikes; just put people on the bikes and let them choose for themselves. Much easier for everybody.

Okay, that's enough words, and no pictures to go with. Lame, I know, I'll try harder to get some more interactive media going for next time.

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