04 Sep Red Bull Burner 2009

News about this years of Red Bull’s Burner for this year, but first this:


Apparently I’m not the only one who often feels to be the most intelligent / attractive person in the store when I’m there.

Yeah, that looks about like our WalMart next door.

I have to thank my bro-ham Adrian for the link to that site. He lives in Sweden, so he must have been looking for a little something to remind him of home.

So, back to the Burner:

Red Bull is throwing down for the burner this year, putting it on their national calendar I believe. They are limiting it to 150 racers, registration will begin early next week. Check the website:


Tony and crew will be there to defend their 2008 Team champion title. Dans will be there to fix some busted ass downhill bikes for 12 hours (and drink beer). It will be good.