23 Aug Grinding on through the end of summer.

Haven’t had a whole lot to talk about lately.

Looks like August is nearly over, and as far as most people are concerned, summer is about done.
Looking back, I had plenty of good riding, far more racing than I anticipated this summer, but I feel like not nearly enough “epics”. Not once did I get totally lost with Charlie, nor did I hike my bike for over an hour at any given time. Perhaps those are more spring and fall activities, but I’m feeling long overdue.
It’s time to start putting miles in on the single speed. The SSWC are just around the corner, and I’ve barely ridden mine a couple of times in the past couple of months.
Oooh, I just had an idea of something to write about. Here is a Bikeworks micro-review…..
Item: WTB Vulpine Tires, 29er
Verdict: Scary
Booya, shortest, most useless review ever. I guess I could elaborate. They held air fantastically as a tubeless conversion on my Stans rims, so I’m excited to try other tires from WTB for that purpose. On the one day I rode them in the East Mtns. when there was actually some moisture on the ground, the were surprisingly grippy, and as expected, unbelievably fast rolling.
On dry days, in the south foothills, for example, these were simply scary. Clearly not a tire designed in New Mexico.
Of course one look at the tread pattern tells you so, and lets you know that I’m kind of stupid for hoping they’d be anything other than deadly in loose over hard pack.
I think I was mostly curious about how they compared to Stans Raven tire, which I have begun referring to as a “textured innertube”. I think they are just a little more grippy in corners, not as good in a straight line (think rear wheel spinning out when mashing).
So this video is old, and most regular internet-time-wasters have seen it already, but for those who haven’t……

It’s done so well it scares me a little.
Speaking of serious road biking, Swinton raced the State Champ road race yesterday. No spectacular results to speak of (he raced the Pro 1,2 race). Some personal victories included winning the “bro race”, i.e. beating all his buddies, and not getting “shelled” until the beginning of the last lap.
We got hooked up with a copy of Thats It Thats All this week, by our local Red Bull rep:

This movie is getting me all messed up, it’s too early to be thinking about snowboarding. It’s such a sweet movie. It came out last winter. The whole thing was filmed with some awesome cameras in HD, and watching it with an HDDVD on an HD TV is a little mind melting.
People keep talking about it being a good season this year for snow. Maybe with this new schedule of ours, I’ll be getting some Mondays in this year.
Is two and a half years old too young to learn to snowboard?
Ummmm, have you checked out Bikefix lately?
Well, guess I’m done.