14 Jul Show us some love!

First off, I’m going to ask a little favor here. I’m making an assumption that at least a few people who read this blog are our regular customers, and that since you are a regular customer you actually think we are a good shop, and have positive things to say about us.

So, if you would be so kind, a little review here or there on the ol’ Interweb would be a positive thing for us. Particularly, over at Google Maps:


Currently, as you will see, we have just one review, from a very irritated(ing) guy name Kelly.
This review was brought to our attention by a couple of customers who told us there was a very nasty review on Google about us, and that the guy sounded like a total A-hole. And they are correct.

I actually wrote a rather long, and in my opinion entertaining, rebuttal to this review, originally intending to post it as a review myself. But I have since decided not to, feeling like it would be satisfying but possibly a bad decision from a business owners standpoint.

A few other places to write an amazingly positive review about how good of work we do, how fast our turnaround is, how we know what we’re talking about, and how you get beer when you hang out at the shop, and how when we do occasionally make a mistake we bend over backwards to try and make it right, would be at MTBR:

MTBR Bike shop review link

And now as I put that link up, our good friend Kelly has decided to post the exact same review up at MTBR as well. It seems that he is on a mission. We clearly deeply offended him by hanging out in the shop and drinking wine with cute girls For shame!

I’ve also been told by a local successful business owner that City Search is a good place to have reviews up:

ABQ Bike Repair on Citysearch

I’m not so sure that is as useful as the others for Bike shops specifically, though.

Anyways, if your so inclined, we’d appreciate it. And if you’d like the full story and want to waste a couple of minutes reading a genuine Lucero rant, shoot me an email at the shop and I’ll send you my little love story about sir Kelly.

Well, the kiddo is up, time to play with trains.