17 Jul Racing Plans

Just thought we’d give a heads up on some racing activity over the next couple of weeks, in case anybody wants to join us for some suffering.

Sunday is the Bonanza Creek road race (aka Prison Loop) outside of Santa Fe. Info Here. Danny is a big fan of this race, as it suits his style (fast with a rolly course, no gigantic climbs). Which is really not my style at all, but we’ll both be there, and hope to see some customers.

The following weekend is the Frazier Mtn. Madness XC race and hill climb in Taos. Info Here. I am also planning on making it to that one. Been having fun getting out to the NMORS series races. I’ve never raced this race, but have always heard good things. The course is just 17.5 miles long, which is about the number of miles I felt good for during last weekends 32 miles of punishment up at Sandia, before overheating and cramping and running out of water. However, it is at very high altitude, and I understand a few of the climbs are extremely steep, so I’m sure there will be plenty of suffering.

Then the weekend after that, August 2nd, is the Santa Fe Hillclimb. Info Here.
Not sure if I’ll be making it to that one, but it also promises to be fun in that “I’ve been climbing for an hour now, my lungs are burning and my legs are screaming. Why did I pay to come do this?” sort of way. I’m hoping to be there.

In shop news, Tony is off on his Whistler epic as of last night. We won’t be seeing him again until the beginning of August, when he will return with tales of huge hucks, rediculous days of downhilling, and foam pit jumping antics.

And that’s about it. I’m excited about todays stage of the tour, should be a good one. Probably will be watching the replay coverage that starts at 10am. So if you come in before noon, and know how it plays out from the live coverage, do me a favor and don’t say anything. Anybody that spoils it for me will be required to buy me lunch, or a breakfast burrito, depending on the time of day.