New Hours?

Been thinking about changing things up lately.

The idea is closing Sunday and Monday. This would allow the three of us (Danny, Tony and I) to all get 2 days off a week (good for us) and to have 3 people working the shop during all business hours (good for the customers, and us).
We've just gotten busy enough that it is getting stressful to run the shop with just two people, particularly when those two people are running the floor and also are mechanics trying to complete several repairs that day.

So, I guess I'm throwing this out there looking for a little feedback from our customers. Does this seem like a bad idea to you? Will you swear off Bikeworks for life? Or will it be a non issue?

A big boy business would probably do something like analyze the sales data, crunch some numbers, and decide if it's a wise choice. But I'd personally prefer to base our decision on anonymous responses to a post on our blog.

So if you would, please let me know what you think.



  1. In my personal opinion, Dan, closing on mondays would be a rootin-tootin idea

  2. in my opinion.... well, i think monday is a half day anyway, and in school i always wondered why we didnt get the whole day off.
    anonymous vince

  3. Non issue, I think this is a great idea! Your shop has enough soul, you shouldn't loose anyone, at least not me.

  4. I say close. High end hair salons do it why not your local friendly bike shop. I agree, non issue.

  5. Pop says:
    I agree - non issue. I'm never in Albuquerque on Monday anyway. But mainly because your idea of the 3 of you all there at the same time makes sense for business.

  6. I think that you should close on Fridays so that you can go for big, bad mountain bike rides.