Never go to work.

I took today off, it was sweet.

I painted the ceiling in my kitchen. And you know what that means! Next time I'm not at work, I'll be painting the walls! Yay.

We had some fun the past couple of weekends not being at work. Thanks everybody for putting up with our ridiculous hours and letting us go play. None of that for a while, back to the ol' grindstone.

I'll have some hot hot bike porn to show off soon. Like Danny and my new wheelsets, Edge carbon tubulars laced up to American Classic hubs with Sapim spokes, hand build by danny, weighing in at 1080 grams a set. Ohhh dirty. Never had tubies before, guess if your going to do it, might as well do it right.


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  1. Hey where is all the Bad ass Dh Bikes that you guys build I want to see all the cool stuff!!! I dont want to see lame road wheels, dont you guys do alot more DH Bad ass stuff!?!?!?!