Good Reading

I came across this link on Drunkcyclist. It is one mans daily diary from racing the Great Divide Race a few years ago. It's long, but if you've got some time to kill, he is a very good writer, and its an engaging view into what it would be like to race your bike some 2500 miles in three weeks, off road, on a single speed, with no suspension, self supported.

I can't even begin to imagine. The whole thing sounds very lonely and frightening. That is some serious time to spend out in the middle of nowhere alone.

Speaking of singlespeeds, I finally got back out on mine yesterday. We had a crew of five out at Otero, with Charlie and I on SS. It was Charlie's first ride on his Maverick SS, and he was very happy.

It was my first ride on my wheelset, which is very similar to my old wheelset, Stans 355 rims, but with DT 240 hubs rather than American Classics. I also had some new tires I'm experimenting with, some WTB Vulpines. So far so good with the Vulpines. It was a rather tacky day yesterday thanks to all the rain, so I believe most any tire was going to hook up well, but it did seem to give better traction that one would think after looking at it. I am also running it tubeless, and despite its very low weight and 60 tpi thread count, it is holding air nicely, hooked up on the rim quickly, and never burped on me at 35psi, even with pounding it down Blue Ribbon, which is about as rough and fast a trail as I'm likely to ride on a hardtail.

Charlie mentioned that he felt his Edge / Chub wheelset was extremely stiff, stiffer probably than some of his 26" wheelsets. I'm wondering if it is more a result of the rim, or of the extremely large flange diameter on the hub, or a combo of the two.

I was jealous of his 2010 Reba 29er fork. He has the 80 - 120mm U turn model with a 20mm thru axle, and it just looked nice.

Danny raced in State Championship Crit race yesterday, which took place in the Alamed business park across the street from the Baloon Fiesta Park. His plan was to race in the Masters race, and then also in the Pro 1, 2 race. Unfortunately, he got taken out in the last turn during the masters race. Haven't actually talked to him, just a few texts back and forth, but he sent me a pic of his leg with a couple spots of rather deep road rash. I think he's okay though, and more importantly, his bike and his hot new wheels came out okay.

Speaking of crits, the final Tuesday Night Crit takes places tomorrow night. We're planning on making an appearence with our grill and a cooler of beer again. I'll race the C's, maybe I'll get lucky and be allowed in the B race too, but probably not. After the nasty wreck 2 weeks ago, they were very uptight last week about what categories were allowed to race which races.

Okay, time to go to work. I've got a Hammerschmidt to install today, which I haven't done before. Been told it's actually easy, but I always get intimidated with new things and reading instructions and such.


  1. You guys suck. Poor selection and terrible service.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous, for the constructive criticism. In light of your review, we are going to fire ourselves and shut down forever and ever. The end.