Good Reading

I came across this link on Drunkcyclist. It is one mans daily diary from racing the Great Divide Race a few years ago. It's long, but if you've got some time to kill, he is a very good writer, and its an engaging view into what it would be like to race your bike some 2500 miles in three weeks, off road, on a single speed, with no suspension, self supported.

I can't even begin to imagine. The whole thing sounds very lonely and frightening. That is some serious time to spend out in the middle of nowhere alone.

Speaking of singlespeeds, I finally got back out on mine yesterday. We had a crew of five out at Otero, with Charlie and I on SS. It was Charlie's first ride on his Maverick SS, and he was very happy.

It was my first ride on my wheelset, which is very similar to my old wheelset, Stans 355 rims, but with DT 240 hubs rather than American Classics. I also had some new tires I'm experimenting with, some WTB Vulpines. So far so good with the Vulpines. It was a rather tacky day yesterday thanks to all the rain, so I believe most any tire was going to hook up well, but it did seem to give better traction that one would think after looking at it. I am also running it tubeless, and despite its very low weight and 60 tpi thread count, it is holding air nicely, hooked up on the rim quickly, and never burped on me at 35psi, even with pounding it down Blue Ribbon, which is about as rough and fast a trail as I'm likely to ride on a hardtail.

Charlie mentioned that he felt his Edge / Chub wheelset was extremely stiff, stiffer probably than some of his 26" wheelsets. I'm wondering if it is more a result of the rim, or of the extremely large flange diameter on the hub, or a combo of the two.

I was jealous of his 2010 Reba 29er fork. He has the 80 - 120mm U turn model with a 20mm thru axle, and it just looked nice.

Danny raced in State Championship Crit race yesterday, which took place in the Alamed business park across the street from the Baloon Fiesta Park. His plan was to race in the Masters race, and then also in the Pro 1, 2 race. Unfortunately, he got taken out in the last turn during the masters race. Haven't actually talked to him, just a few texts back and forth, but he sent me a pic of his leg with a couple spots of rather deep road rash. I think he's okay though, and more importantly, his bike and his hot new wheels came out okay.

Speaking of crits, the final Tuesday Night Crit takes places tomorrow night. We're planning on making an appearence with our grill and a cooler of beer again. I'll race the C's, maybe I'll get lucky and be allowed in the B race too, but probably not. After the nasty wreck 2 weeks ago, they were very uptight last week about what categories were allowed to race which races.

Okay, time to go to work. I've got a Hammerschmidt to install today, which I haven't done before. Been told it's actually easy, but I always get intimidated with new things and reading instructions and such.

Custom Maverick Hardtail 29er

Here's Charlie's newest toys:

One of 3 custom Maverick 29er hardtails. Build highlights include the Edge rims laced to Chub hubs with DT Aerolite spokes, and Race Face Next carbon cranks, and Formula R1 brakes. Sooo dirty. The frame was built by Spot with True Temper OX Platinum tubing, and paint job by Spectrum Powderworks.

It was definitely a fun bike to build.

Also, Charlie has a new commuter bike:

A titanium Spot 29er freak bike. Rigid steel fork by Spot, Dura Ace scandium wheelset with tubeless Hutchinson cross tires. 2 x 10 drivetrain with FSA carbon cranks. A good old fashioned freak bike. Can be run as a single speed, belt drive compatible if desired. Geometry accepts a suspension fork, plenty of room for mountain tires if desired. I expect this bike to see a few different incarnations in the coming years. This bike is pretty fun.

Shop Hours, Closings, and Blabbity blah blah

Okay, we're going to give this closing on Mondays idea a try.

Starting Monday July 20th, Bikeworks will be closed Sundays and Mondays, open from 10 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday.

We'll just see how it goes. Maybe it will stick, maybe we'll be out of business by August. Who knows. It will be a convenient time to start this experiment because Tony Baloney is leaving for an epic Whistler trip sometime shortly before that, and it will just be Danny and I in the shop for a couple of weeks or more.
Yea, I know what your thinking, "Tony gets to go to Whistler for a couple of weeks right in the middle of summer, when a bike shop is busiest?" And yes, we hate him too. But when he looks at you with those puppy dog eyes, you just can't say no. And somehow I'm pretty sure his trip will end up profitable for the shop. I'm not sure how yet, but I have faith in the powers of Tony.

Furthermore, we're going to be closed on the 4th of July, because we love America, and fireworks, and grilling red meat, and coolers full of beer on the patio. And we're also very fond of not working whenever we have a legitimate excuse.

You know when you drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning without eating anything, and you get that fiery burning pit sensation in the bottom of your stomach? That's where I'm at right now.

I finished building Charlie's Spaverick (limited edition Maverick hardtail 29er, made by Spot) yesterday. Charlie promised to send me pics, since he whisked it away before I had the chance to take any. It's a pretty bike. I'm really excited to see what it rides like off road, because just around the parking lot you could tell it was something special, which I am going to attribute mostly to the wheelset. We love us some fancy wheels. Never underestimate the power of nice wheels.

And I'm out.

Our Favorite New Product

This is a god send. Finally, finally somebody has answered all those requests for recumbent conversions:

Just when I thought recumbents couldn't be more awesomer, out comes the regular bike converted to a recumbent and totally blows my mind.

If anybody is interested, I'm sure Swinton will be thrilled to install your conversion kit at a very affordable price, especially if you have a Wal Mart bike.

Old School

This is good stuff.

We've come a long ways.

Cool Bike Invention

My brother showed me this:

I think it should be accompanied by a second laser that will blow up any vehicle that enters within the lane. Bwah ha ha ha

New Hours?

Been thinking about changing things up lately.

The idea is closing Sunday and Monday. This would allow the three of us (Danny, Tony and I) to all get 2 days off a week (good for us) and to have 3 people working the shop during all business hours (good for the customers, and us).
We've just gotten busy enough that it is getting stressful to run the shop with just two people, particularly when those two people are running the floor and also are mechanics trying to complete several repairs that day.

So, I guess I'm throwing this out there looking for a little feedback from our customers. Does this seem like a bad idea to you? Will you swear off Bikeworks for life? Or will it be a non issue?

A big boy business would probably do something like analyze the sales data, crunch some numbers, and decide if it's a wise choice. But I'd personally prefer to base our decision on anonymous responses to a post on our blog.

So if you would, please let me know what you think.


Missie the Missle : Say it aint so.....

Just saw this....

That's just a bummer. Guess being an ex-world champion doesn't pay the bills.

Also, awesome websites:

And awesome videos that I found thanks to How to avoid the bummer life

Bueno bye

Getting all roadie.

Been putting some miles in on the road bike lately.
Yesterday Swintoni and I raced in the Sandia Crest road race. It was good times. That is certainly a hard race. I'm hoping I finished somewhere mid pack in my race (the Cat 4, 5's race).
The highlight of the event for me was getting to race on my dirty new wheelset, a pair of Edge Composite rims laced up to American Classic hubs, with tubular tires.
Check out their stuff:

I also just noticed that they have an unbelievable demo deal, details described on their site. They are willing to let you ride a pair of their wheels for a week for free! We're talking about $2,000 wheelsets being loaned out to strangers for abuse. That is how confident they are you are going to freak out about how your bike rides with a hot wheelset on it.

I was freaked out a little yesterday riding my bike with my new wheels. Being a light guy, I have never experienced coasting past people like that before. I think riding a completely different bike, but with standard box section wheels, would have felt more familiar than my bike with these new wheels on it. But I quickly got used to them, and they are fantastic.

Anyways, I'm a little excited. Tomorrow evening is the Tuesday Night Crit, and I'm excited about that too.

Also, this sunday is the Ben Hall Memorial ride. It isn't really a race, just an organized, very difficult mountain bike ride around 10K, Faulty, etc, that many people will try and do as fast as they can.
Ben was a good friend of ours, who got killed in 2004 in Moab during a mountain bike race. Every summer since then, Hawke Morgan and Stevie at Fat Tire have put on this memorial ride, which is really cool. There will also be a potluck afterwards at Doc Long. Check out the details:

The Bikeworks guys will be there, and hope we see some of you all out too.

Hope everybody has a good week.

Never go to work.

I took today off, it was sweet.

I painted the ceiling in my kitchen. And you know what that means! Next time I'm not at work, I'll be painting the walls! Yay.

We had some fun the past couple of weekends not being at work. Thanks everybody for putting up with our ridiculous hours and letting us go play. None of that for a while, back to the ol' grindstone.

I'll have some hot hot bike porn to show off soon. Like Danny and my new wheelsets, Edge carbon tubulars laced up to American Classic hubs with Sapim spokes, hand build by danny, weighing in at 1080 grams a set. Ohhh dirty. Never had tubies before, guess if your going to do it, might as well do it right.