Trail Report

I just got finished riding Faulty today. It's in good shape and very ridable. We didn't do the whole thing from Ribs, but we got on at the Cienaga crossing and went North to Oso and that was in great shape. Occasional damp spots but quite good otherwise. We rode Oso all the way to Tree Spring and that was clear of snow but was still a bit muddy and had a fair bit of blown-down trees. Actually the forest is not in good shape. Between the bark beetles, the drought, and the wind, there are many trees down in the forest. Luckily most of them missed the trails. Give Oso and Tree another week, but Faulty is ready.

I also got out on a huge Cedro/Otero loop on Wed. and that area is dry and ready for all riding.

Baring any more significant amounts of rain- they are ready for you. I will try 10k a in couple of weeks and give my report. I leave you with a picture of a trip to Chama I did in Oct. last year.



  1. i am new in town. what is the best way to get to faulty trail? are there any good trail guides and what not. thanks.

  2. There are maps and guide books at almost any bikestore and most bookstores too. Or just come in to the store and we will tell you how best to ride the trail.