Best Moab Trip Ever

Moab is good.

Charlie and I left Albuquerque around 8pm Friday night. Arrived in Moab at about 2:30am. About 4 hours later we were up and headed out to ride.
Saturday we rode Sovereign in the morning. We looped around quite a bit and did a bit of exploring on a bunch of stuff we missed during our last trip out. Then back into town for a quick lunch and we headed out to ride Amasa Back. Amasa Back was fun, particularly because of the 50mph wind gusts that would completely blow you across the trail, heading precariously close to the deadly cliffs. Up and down Amasa, and we were cooked for the day.

Saturday night was entertaining. There was a car show of some sort going on in town, and the evenings entertainment was standing on main street watching a couple hundred sweet cars cruise up and down. Watching the people watch the cruising was also very, very entertaining. This is apparently an annual event, as several people showed up with lawn chairs and were prepared to sit and watch for hours. Not being much of a car guy, I can't say much about what was there, but it was still cool.

Sunday we started with a shuttle up for Porcupine. We booked the shuttle with Uranium Cycles a cool new shop in Moab. Marshall, the owner who was also our shuttle driver for the day, suggested to ride up the road a little and start with the UPS trail. That was some good advice, it is an awesome addition to regular Porcupine, which is already an epic trail.
We got down Porcupine without any major incidence. I was happy because I rode several sections that I didn't during our last trip. Just like the day before, Scott rode a few lines that none of the rest of us had the nerve for. It was impressive.

Rode back into town for some lunch and a little relaxing, then we headed out again for our afternoon ride. Originally we talked about riding Slick Rock, but somehow we decided on checking out Moab Rim trail instead. I can say, that isn't a trail that I will be riding again. It was a lot of pain going up, then some sandy washes, then about 1 mile of sweet twisty singletrack, followed by a wicked hike a bike back down to the freeway. We still haven't decided whose idea that one was.

Monday we shuttled with Uranium again out to Gemini Bridges. We rode out from the drop off to Gold Bar Rim trial, which we rode up to the top of the cliff where the Blue Dot trail starts. We took that to Portal, and then got thoroughly puckered up and made our way down Portal trail. It was an extremely technical trail, that made all of us except for Charlie look like little girls. Charlie was the champion of the day, riding way more of the technical sections that the rest of us, including all of Portal once we were below the "don't ride here you will die sections".

Then a long drive back to town, and here I am at work today, sitting around being tired and useless. It was fun. If you haven't been to Moab, or haven't been in a while, you should go.

And if you're wondering what the best Moab bike in the world is, the answer is a Maverick ML8 with a 160mm travel fork, like the Rock Shox Lyric for example. I love my Maverick.

In other assorted shop news, we had Shaums March, two time Masters World Champion in downhill hanging out for a little while today. He was in town with a few other reps, apparently he'll be in Abq this week trying to coach some APD guys how to ride better. Looks like Tony's going to get a chance to ride with him, which should be cool.

Well, that's about my day. I've got a ton of picks on my camera, and once again my camera isn't with me. So I will attempt to post some pics from Moab in the near future.

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  1. Wow, you guys were ambitious. I was up there the same weekend. We rode Flat Pass on Sat. from town, wind was heanous, got lost and added the steel bender loop. Sat. we did the intrepid trail at deadhorse point and Bartlett wash. Sunday Amasa back and home. I stopped by the shop Friday at 10 to get a spare hanger for the trip. Made a hillbilly fairing out of cardboard, Thanks Tony.