I was reading a very informative news site, Drunkcyclist, a few moments ago, and learned that today, April 7th, is the day in 1933 that Prohibition was repealed.

Education on Prohibition

My boy Julian was apparently aware of this before I, as he decided to bust out some of the good stuff during dinner:

Actually I had been saving this beer for the past couple of days, and then decided to drink it by coincidence on a celebratory beer day. Awesome.

It's a Rogue Imperial IPA, it's 9.5% ABV, and it is some serious beer. It was a gift from our favorite fireman Sihu. Thanks Sihu.

Well, that was my real motivation to put something up on the site. This beer is definitely worth trying for any hop head. It's almost syrupy, it's like the IPA equivalent of a barley wine. Surprisingly my almost 2 year old loves it. I gave him a little taste after he repeatedly asked for one, and then he just wanted to drink more and more. I cut him off pretty quickly though, it's an expensive beer and I just wasn't in the sharing mood.

So I'm not committed to riding tomorrow night for our regular Wednesday night ride. I'm not sure how regular of a thing these Weds night rides will be here for a while. Strangely, they seem to have lost steam with the nice weather and daylight. We need cold and darkness to motivate to get together, apparently.
Also, starting May 12th the Tuesday Night Crits will up and running once again. My current plan is to attend as many of those as possible, and that will definitely replace Weds night riding for me, as I can only get out to ride so many nights in a week (Julian hates drinking his fancy beers alone).

It seems that just about everybody who comes into the shop on a regular basis will be out at Dawn til Dusk this weekend. I'm excited, as I've mentioned. And if it rains the whole time, at least we'll have lots of friends for entertainment as we all try to keep dry.

Well, I better go. Julian is giving me the stink eye because I'm hogging the computer, and he has some emails to get finished up before he can get to bed, and it's getting late.

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