24 Apr A little place I like to call Moab.

It’s been practically forever since I’ve put anything up on this site. I think the root cause of that is I haven’t been biking.
Well, I’ve been kind of building up brownie points because I’m going to Moab this evening for three days, which hopefully will be most epic.
What originally was planned as a Bikeworks trip for the four of us (Danny, Tony, Charlie and I) now has transformed into just Charlie and I meeting our buddies Spangler and Marc.
It should be a great trip, with reasonable weather (barely getting up to 80 deg) and just a chance of rain one evening. It’s a fast group we’ve assembled, and I can only assume every ride will be long and painful.

Last time I put anything up here I was getting ready for Dawn til Dusk. As most everybody has heard, that race didn’t happen. It rained and snowed the night before, and 6am Saturday found us all standing around in several inches of very slippery mud, all wondering what to do. They postponed the race, then postponed it again, and then finally were forced to cancel all together. It was a bummer, but there really was nothing anybody could do about it. We can just hope next year has a little better weather.

Since then, we’ve just been working away at the shop. Dawn til Dusk kind of kicked off spring busy season for us, and we’re definitely in full swing now. I’ve got a number of pics at the shop of cool bikes that have come and gone lately, but I don’t have my camera with me at the moment so those will have to wait.
I have only managed to get a couple of rides in the past couple of weeks, nothing really worth writing about. Hopefully after monday I’ll have a tale or two to share with everybody.
In the mean time, hope you all have a good weekend.