Yet another post about Weds night rides

Just wanted to let it be known that I (lucero) fully intend to ride tomorrow night.
It will be fun to get out before it is totally dark for a change, and maybe we will get to see a sweet sunset from the trail.
I think if you are reading this, and you are in ABQ, you should join us.

Also, I think it is time to start switching up locations a bit for wednesday nights. We will stick with North foothills /top of Montgomery for tomorrow night, but next week we are totally going to do something more exotic, like perhaps far north foothills, south foothills, or even Cedro if its dry.

I have also decided to personally call out Kip the Malone Pony for tomorrow night. Kip, if you don't show up, an angel will lose its' wings, and a baby bunny rabbit will die a horrible death, and other things of the sort.
For those of you who aren't Kip, you should check out his website, which I cleverly linked above. He is a wicked mad awesome skilled photographer, and his website has cool photos on it, as you would expect.
Dang Kip, I totally plugged your site on my site, you totally owe me a beer now. You can bring it when you show up tomorrow night.


  1. So Dan as you know, one of the catch 22 blessings of being a business owner, in addition to the lack of dental benefits, is the irregular schedule and the unavoidable commitments that absolutely have to be taken care of, because after all there is no-one else that can or will do it. Sometimes these commitments get in the way of personal things you really want to do. Today is one of those instances. Because I had no shoots or deadlines today, I made plans for a road ride this afternoon. If I were say a bad-ass bike shop owner this would in no way dissuade me from another ride in the evening, but I am just a photographer, and my legs hurt from yoga already, so there.
    On the other hand, thanks for the shameless plug, its another building block in our loving relationship.
    I will put next Wednesday down, really.....

  2. Hey dude, that's cool. You don't need to make excuses to me, it's the poor wingless angel and flattened bunny that you should be talking to.
    Have you ever seen an angel cry? It was heartbreaking as Richaround sat on her so I could remover her wings. She kept screaming "why?" and I would say "because of Kip, because of Kip."
    You don't even want to know about the bunny.

  3. I kinda wish you would have plucked all the whiskers from and adorable kitten too......