16 Mar Taints a Blazin’

Did a rather long fixed gear ride yesterday with Charles in Charge and Dr.Dave.

If only I could actually ride with Scott Baio. How sweet would that be?

The issue with long fixie rides is that you tend to spend a large amount of the time riding in the saddle, really just grinding away. Road bikes allow you to kind of shift positions around, stand up and coast, and generally get some grundle relief. But the fixie, not so much. I think it is really those long descents that make the difference, where you are just planted firmly on the saddle, spinning as fast as you can.
I rode from my place, pretty close to the shop, out to Corrales, and met Charlie and Dr.Dave. Then we took some odd route out through Rio Rancho to Unser Blvd, and rode that out into the middle of nowhere, past Mariposa and the Armory, and connected with 550. Then back into Bernalillo, out to the Jemez Dam just for good measure, and then back into ‘Burque on the “low road.” It was a good ride, but the bacon strip was screaming by the end. I was day dreaming about one of those obscenely nose-padded TT saddles by the end.

I’ve only really ventured into the heart of Rio Rancho a couple of times (is that a silly thing to say, is the “heart” of Rio Rancho an oxymoron?) I have to say, I find it weird to come across all those suburbs that are really just planted out there in the middle of nowhere. And that Mariposa development is even more in the middle of nowhere.

From the sound of it, Danny did a rather hard fixie ride yesterday as well. Except he was out with a couple of buddies with gears,and managed to end his ride coming down 9 mile hill back into town. That doesn’t sound fun at all, but we’d expect nothing less from Danny.

Tony got back early this morning from a successful weekend of racing, with just enough time to get a couple hours sleep before coming into work. He pulled it off pretty well, it wasn’t until this afternoon that I found out he hadn’t gotten to bed until 5:30am, and I couldn’t tell.
Tony finished 8th in the Pro Class, and our man Spangler finished second in his class, which I believe is Cat 2. Good work fellas.
Tony also added to the productivity of his weekend by procuring the ugliest pair of Adidas ever made. If you ever see him wearing them, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lots of excitement in the shop today as a result of Tony’s racing weekend and the first local road race of the season, Hillsborough, having been yesterday. We started sorting out the calender and deciding who would get to race which weekends. Hopefully with a little planning we can manage to have some fun during our busy summer season. Can’t let our customers have all the fun, now can we?
I’m planning putting together a calender that will be view-able from the site that will let everyone know which races we’re planning on attending, and correspondingly, what days this summer we plan on being closed.
We know, it’s a pain having your favorite bike shop being closed on a Saturday in the middle of summer, but as I said, we can’t let you guys have all the fun.