06 Mar My Knees Hurt

So that last post was from Charlie, not me (Lucero). Although I do get a fair number of new bikes, the Altitude is not one of them. My next bike is going to be an Anthem XO, and it is going to be fast and light and I am going to destroy Dan Swinton with it at Dawn til Dusk. Bwa ah ah ah ah.

In other news, we’ve begun getting back out for wednesday night rides. Two weeks in a row now, both nights were jersey and shorts weather, which made things much more enjoyable than those very cold winter rides we had gotten used to.
Last wednesday my trusty old Niterider HID finally gave up the ghost after six years or so, and died on me about ten minutes into the ride. This wasn’t my first time out without a light, so I plodded along riding off of everybody elses lights (cohorts included Richaround, Dr. Dave, Danny, Tony and myself).
At one point I managed to get in front of everybody, and then in a moment of darkness totally throw myself into the ground, via the over the bars route, with “all the grace of a frog falling from the sky” as Danny put it. Much skin was lost from my left knee cap, a deep nasty puncture wound at the top of my right knee, which proceded to spew blood all over the trail.
But I am impervious to pain, and very manly, and proceeded to finish the ride with nary a wimper.

Last night we got out with Charles in charge, Scoot, and Travitron. It was a significantly faster ride than our typical weds night jaunts, which I blame Travitron for.
I was using / demo-ing the Lupine Tesla light, which had been sitting in the shop for a couple of months calling my name. It made me happy, here’s my mini review:

The Lupine Tesla is good. It is bright, super light, and it makes me happy.

After the ride, whilst getting things in and out of Charlies vehicle, a managed to completely rip the scab off my left knee cap by rubbing it against his fender. It hurt big time, but I didn’t wimper, you know, on account of my manly-ness.
The gross part was 5 minutes later before we left I found the scab, stuck to the fender. I showed it to Charlie, and he took it and said he was going to save it forever. He’s getting weird lately.

Hoping to get out to the east mountains sunday morning. If anyone wants to join, give a holler or come by the shop. I’m excited to ride something other than the foothills.