18 Mar Maximum Extreme Awesomeness!

If you read How to avoid the bummer life, then you probably saw this clip:

Which really isn’t funny unless you’ve seen this first:

I find both strangely entertaining.

So I’m thinking top of copper for tomorrow nights ride. As usual, 7:00pm is a realistic start time. Please join us.

And next wednesday, we are going to head out to Placitas to change things up. I’m hoping to leave the shop very close to 6:00. We will meet Juan y Pam, our Placitonian compadres, and they will show us all the wonders that are to be seen in Placitas. It’s great riding out there, as our friend Chris puts it “it’s like the foothills were ten years ago”, which I translate to as “better than the foothills are now.”

So be awesome, and join us.

Also, if anybody has been brain dj’d by either Charles in Charge theme song, or “On A Boat” I would really appreciate knowing it. It gives me great satisfaction.