I received the carbon Rocky Mountain Altitude bike last week. We really didn't expect it this soon considering that they weren't even sure when we would get them. I'm glad it came early though because none of us went to Dirt Demo at Interbike, so we had no idea how their new frame design would perform. I wanted to get the photo up quick though cause it's a really fine looking frame and the build is pretty sweet too- Formula R1's baby, Yeah!!!! After three rides I can tell you it is a very nice riding bike and is unbelievably stiff. Look for the full review in the next few months at the bikefix website.

Totally unrelated to my new bike above is this FREE trail report: Cedro is fairly dry if you stick to Coyote, Sidewinder, Lone pine, and the roads. Mighty mule is still a bit nasty along with the top of Chamisoso, but they should be getting close to ok by this Sun. -Maybe. Placitas is riding great and there is a nice cafe across the street (next to the market) to have a beer in after the ride. I haven't heard about Tunnel and Otero but I'm guessing they will take a bit longer.


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