I Likes Big Wheels

Lately I've been noticing that we have a couple of fantastic steel 29ers to offer our customers, but are falling short in the super light aluminum / carbon 29er category. Then, all of a sudden, these pics from Giant start popping up:

Hmmm, what is that I see? Carbon and aluminum 29er frame with crazy shaped hydroformed tubes and sliding dropouts? Ohhh dirty. If I've learned anything about Giant so far, I'm gonna bet this frame will be super light and offered with a build kit that will be untouchable bang for the buck. I'm excited. Word is it's a 2010 model, so hopefully it'll be shipping as early as late fall.

In news of wheels that are large in a whole other manner, my new favorite bike showed up today:

I spotted this bike in September at the Interbike trade show, and quite honestly, it was the only bike I saw at the show that I got excited about. Then I learned how limited edition it was, and I lost hopes of getting one. Then today, we had one roll in the door. Turns out they became available, and Danny got one on the way without me knowing. Awww yeah.

Check out what Surly has to say:

Amazingly, they haven't sold out completely yet. So, I'd recommend calling us at the shop tomorrow and placing your order.
Danny was talking about riding it home tonight, and I was considering ordering myself another one, so I don't have to share.
This thing has 24 x 3.5" wide slick tires, and it is just plain cool. Undoubtedly the bike that I do not need whatsoever.

We got a new Keg-o-rator setup at the shop, thanks to a very generous donor (who shall remain anonymous to protect his identity) which is on indefinite loan, which we quickly took to mean "forever." It pours a mean beer, and is oh so pretty, you know, in case you like beer, and stuff.

And lastly, I'm taking off from this weeks Wednesday night ride. I know, it's heartbreaking and a complete letdown for your week, but that's the way it is.