29 Mar

We’re only two weeks away from the Dawn til Dusk race and boat-loads of us Bikworkians are going. If you haven’t made up your mind to go yet, let me remind you that we will be drinking heavily afterwards- well, maybe not that heavily since many of us have to drive home, but beer will make a strong appearance. Even if you don’t race we would love to see you out there.

I don’t have a trail report for the East Mountains after the snow of last week yet, but I will have something posted by Thursday morning. In lew of that I will leave you with a photo of the new “blingy” DT Swiss EXC 150 Fork that I have been “testing” for a few weeks. It is around 3.7 lbs and 150mm of travel, Yikes. By the way, I do all this hard and dangerous testing for you- the consumer. None of it is for personal pleasure and I regret every minute.