03 Feb Words words words

After skipping last week, I’m excited to get out this wednesday. Hope a few people can join us. It’s supposed to be unseasonably warm Wednesday, so that should make for some pleasant riding in the evening.

I went out for a little ride on Sunday, after a week of barely touching the bike. It was one of those days where I just didn’t have it in me. I met Marc at his place per our usual “singlespeed suffering sunday ride in an attempt to train for Old Pueblo”. But it quickly became apparent that neither of us was really into it, as every opportunity to stop and BS was quickly taken. Then I spied Richaround and Mr. Malone (the Malone Pony) and we promptly stopped them and partook in large amounts of BSing. It was seriously like a sewing circle at times, except we were all standing over our bikes instead of behind sewing machines.

I think we are all pretty excited about Old Pueblo,which is rapidly approaching. It is unbelievable how much planning you can put into one weekends worth of racing. Well, I guess I’m not doing all that much planning personally, but more leeching onto friends who are doing lots of planning, and encouraging it, for my own benefit. I think it’s better that way for everybody.

At this point we’ve got Scott seriously considering buying a recreational vehicle of some sort in the next week or so, Marc driving up in a rented Sprinter van, that will be filled to the brim with gear, including a 10′ X 20′ “pole tent” courtesy of Jen, who will be arriving on wednesday, before the crowds to lay claim to some prime real estate for the whole lot of us. The amount of effort, forethought, planning, and gear going into this is truly impressive, and we’re just a few out of hundreds of teams attending. It really is a massive event.

Danny at least got in a respectable ride on Saturday, maybe even enough to make up for my general lameness on Sunday. He was on the road with some of his “usual suspects” and they made it out to Cochiti Dam, which I don’t really know how to get to, but I do know it’s far and difficult.

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Best story from the ride; at some point they were mixed up in a large group ride. Then the “usual suspects” take off on their own, headed for something undoubtedly more painful than the large group. One unsuspecting individual decides to see what they were up to, and follows along, not really saying anything to anybody. As they get north of Algadones and begin to approach a dirt road, which they were going to ride for a few miles, he finally spoke up with a “where are you guys going?” They told him Cochiti Dam, and he promptly stopped, and turned around, with a long lonely ride ahead of him to get back into town.
Anyways, I found that little tale amusing.

Looks like we are headed for another busy week in the shop. We started things off right today with a couple of custom builds, a Moots MootoXZ with a full blown “you choose the parts, just make sure it’s bad ass” kit, and a Lynskey ti cross frame with a Sram Red kit going on it.
We aren’t a dealer for either of those brands, but both customers knew where to go to get their dream bikes built properly.
Here I go, getting all braggy.

I spent the majority of last week with the following song in my head:

Not a bad song by any means, in fact I think its my favorite Cake song, but any 3 lines get old after a number of days bouncing around in your brain. So I thought I’d share it, to see if it will get stuck in anybody elses head, or if its just me. Better than what I woke up with this morning, which I remember being an unpleasant Bjork song, but I can’t recall which one at the moment.

Well, I’m just about all out of genius for tonight, so I better stop before I write something stupid.