24 Feb Some pics of Old Pueblo

Here’s a few pics from Old Pueblo. Still have my fingers crossed at getting some more, as I noticed some of our friends with cameras out a lot more than I did (Marc, I’m looking at you).

We got us a wicked new banner. It’s kind of huge. This picture clearly demonstrates how Bikeworks ABQ is now a bigger deal than Kenda.

The start is always a mad house. It’s the only time you really get to appreciate just how many people are at the event (it’s a lot of people).

Plenty of costumes were to be found.

Here’s the first man through the start. Homeboy must have flown through the run. He probably ended up 15 minutes up on people who got tangled in the masses behind him.

This is the one pic I took of my friends from that trip. It’s Scott and Ken, keeping it real RV style. These guys, along with Ian and Matt, took such good care of Danny and I. They were the only reason we were able to keep riding through the night. If I had been in charge of feeding myself at 4am, it would have been all over. Thanks again guys.