17 Feb Race Report: 24 Hours in Old Pueblo

Well, we’re back, and alive.
A pretty successful weekend for Danny and I, with a 6th place finish in the Male Duo category. We were in 4th place for a good bit of the race, and finally got bumped down to 6th during the last 2 laps. We got a total of 18 laps in, 9 each, with about 145 miles each during the race. That is about three times as many miles as I’ve ever ridden my singlespeed before, so I’m pretty happy with that.

The race went smooth. We switched off laps every other lap, which we had decided was the faster way to do it (as opposed to double laps) based on previous results. The downside was that meant no sleeping for either one of us.

Luckily our buddy Scott decided to purchase an RV last week, and he took us to the race and supported us with style. I can’t imagine we would have done nearly as well, or stayed motivated or awake, without the warm RV and food being cooked for us. Thanks Scott, Matt, Ian and Ken for helping keeping us going during the race.

Only one mechanical during the race, which was a complicated double flat for Danny, combined with a makeshift replacement rim strip, borrowing a tube, running some distance of the course, and a burnt out light, which put about an extra 30 minutes into the lap. Otherwise, everything went perfectly, surprising as this was our first go at a two person team (we’ve both raced 4 man teams in the past).

We were pretty beat up at the end. Once again, the RV came to the rescue and we slept the entire drive back, in style on big comfy beds. Danny was asleep before we pulled out of the camping spot, woke up for long enough to eat In N Out, and then right back asleep until we were parking the RV.

Some of our camping cohorts, Jen and Marc, placed 7th in the Duo Co-ed class. Like us, they were racing singlespeeds against geared bikes, you know, just because. I’m not sure how much time we actually gave up by racing on singlespeeds, if any, but I do know that it is a very fun course for singlespeeds, and I love my bike and my hot new wheelset.

Speaking of my bike, I can’t believe how many strangers stopped me while cruising around the camp to tell me how beautiful my bike is (my Spot). There were a few other Spots out there as well, far more US built customs than Taiwan completes like mine. Sadly, Spot wasn’t there with the big rig and copious amounts of free beer. I was really looking forward to chugging a couple of Dales Pale Ales at the end of the race.

Well, that’s my quick and dirty race report for now. I’ve got a few pictures that I’ll get up soon, and then I’ve been promised some pics from some other friends, which I will share. Not surprisingly, once the race started, all thoughts of taking pictures quickly exited my brainium, so the only pics I have are from before the race.

Tony has also promised me pics from his big racing weekend, so if you don’t see those posted up in the next few, bug him for me.