18 Feb

This is my first addition to this “website” since it took Lucero that long to sit down and hold my hand on how to do it. First I want to say a hardy Congrats to Dan and Dan- and all the rest of you guys who raced in our corner- great job by everyone. Tony also did well in Nevada but he wouldn’t tell me how well, so maybe he actually didn’t.

I do want everyone to know that a big contingent of Bikeworks folks will be racing in the Dawn-till-Dusk race in Gallup on April 11. Please come out and race with us, or just come watch. I think we are even going to be a sponser of sorts but that isn’t hammered out yet.

In the future, I hope to post about rides we will do and rides we have already done and some pics too. Also if some particularly tasty componants or bikes show up, I will try and help Dan get them posted. Dan has alot to do and he gets very behind. Even the folks at Troy Lee noticed. Poor Dan.