What is it, winter?

After a solid week or more of 60 degree days, yesterday's return to typical Albuquerque January weather was terrible.
Monday a couple of guys from QBP, the gigantisaurus parts distribution company out of Minnesota that we do quite a bit of business with, were in town visiting shops. We saw them in the morning, and then they came back by to enjoy an adult beverage with us in the afternoon, and we all went out to dinner together.
We eventually started chatting about riding in the winter in the severe weather that they have. One guy, Martin, said that the coldest he'd ever ridden his bike was 30 degrees below zero. The other guy, James, was clearly kind of a wimp because he'd only ridden at 17 degrees below.
This kind of talk left me dumbfounded. I've done some riding down around freezing, maybe into the twenties a couple of times, but I was miserable, and everybody within ear shot knew about it.
We had a real nice time though, and look forward to seeing those guys, and everybody else at QBP, in February when we go out for their Frost Bike trade show event. I think I'll just bring every piece of clothing I own, and hope I don't loose any limbs frost bite.
Our dinner was fun, as Danny, Tony and I all went, along with our respective special lady friends, and Julian too. We'd never all gone out together as a trio of couples, and it was cool.

Speaking of being a wimp about the cold...... you guessed it! I'm going to wimp out about riding tonight. Not specifically because of the cold, although that's not helping. I'm in the middle of a ferocious battle with some sort of a head cold that is wreaking havoc on my nose. I feel like victory is in my reach, but going out and pedaling in 30 something degree weather isn't going to help at all. I'm hoping to be better by this weekend, so I can get one more stupid hard training ride in before Old Pueblo (I've been told to take it easy the last couple weeks before the race).
Hopefully though, others will persevere and ride in my absence. So if your interested in going, post up a comment here to let others know you'll be there, or give a call to the shop and see whats happening.

Okay, time to go. Baby and baby mama are up, and it's once again time to play "what can we convince Julian to eat for breakfast."

P.S. After a couple weeks of completely cramped style and no keg, we have re-filled. So if you have been avoiding the shop lately because the only reason you came by in the first place is free beer, you can once again stop on by and pretend like you like us while we buy your friendship with adult beverages.

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