Monday Miracle and Brain DJ

Last night was a miracle. It was officially the first Monday EVER that it has not snowed, in the history of mondays that goes back about 6 weeks, and doesn't include that one monday a couple weeks ago where I'm not sure but I don't think it snowed.

A small group of Monday night riders, including Ryan, another bike wrench in Abq, Chris the dentist, who will some day fix our chompers, and myself. Tony didn't even pretend to act like he might be going last night, and monday isn't good for Danny.

Which brings up a question: from the 5 people that read this blog, would more of you be interested in joining in if we started riding wednesday? (assuming your interested at all, that is). The big conflict with wednesday is that it is gate practice night at the BMX track, but so far Tony is the only person we know who would do both, and I don't think he'd be too broken hearted about missing our XC rides.

Our friend Richaround once told us about a game he enjoys playing, which he has dubbed "Brain DJ". It's really quite simple. You exploit your friends tendency to get songs stuck in their heads by subtly singing pieces of songs around them. If you do it right, the victim doesn't even notice you singing, or humming or whatever. But a few minutes later they find themselves inexplicably singing the same song, and can't get it out of their head. Obviously, it is best to play with horrible songs, the likes of which nobody would want in their head. And there seems to be a direct correlation between the horribleness of a song and it's staying power in your brain.

I was driving to work yesterday morning, absent mindedly flipping through radio stations. I let the radio settle on Charma Chameleon for a few moments, not too long, but long enough. That song has been in my head since. Last night while riding, that was the wicked soundtrack I had to motivate me. This morning when I woke up, even before I had gotten out of bed, karma karma karma karma karma chameleon, you come and go, you come and gooooooo. Loving is something when something something something, doo dooo doooo, something doooooooo
Boy George should be drawn and quartered.

The only reason I out myself of listening to Karma Chameleon in the car is for your benefit. This is clearly a very powerful song with wich you can Brain DJ your friends and coworkers. Give it a try and ruin somebodys brain for a few days.


  1. Apparently brain DJ also works when you write the lyrics on a blog too. What the hell? I would maybe be able to get out if it was on Friday, but in reality, it still wouldn't matter too much unless they started around 8:30. As a favor to you and all your loyal reader(s) I will NOT write the lyrics to "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross...

  2. Does anything from the Steve Miller Band work? How about Wham? Really enjoyed the monday night ride. Wed.'s in the future will also work well, just have to give the "warden" aka my wife the heads up. Just let me know.

  3. Wake me up before you go go? Wham would clearly be an acceptable choice. Steve Miller Band could be hit and miss, not sure all songs are potent enough, but certainly has potential.

  4. I vote for Wednesday and Puff the Magic Dragon

  5. I believe Boy George is now in prison for the next 18 months or so.....

    Google it.