Did you miss us?

I know you missed us, don't lie.
We had a great time off from the shop, and thanks everybody for your patience with our long closure.
Didn't get to ride much during my time off, but I made up for my lack of riding by drinking nearly constantly.
It's nice to be back. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow like it's supposed to, and the foothills will be good for our Monday night ride. We missed last Monday, but the week before was fantastic. We had 5 riders, 2 functional lights, 2 flasks of whiskey, about a 1/4" of snow, and the most memorable 2 hours in the north foothills ever.

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  1. Guys! Tom Cruz here....sorry I missed last nights ride....how was it. Riding next Monday for sure. Probably swing by the shop later this week.