Charlie's new Black Sheep

Charlie got himself a new toy.
This is one good looking bike. Black Sheep is a custom builder out of Fort Collins Colorado. This bad boy gets about 3.5" of rear wheel travel via an RP23 rear shock and a flat ti flexure plate located behing the BB.
Charlie of course built it up with parts that look as good as the frame, like the Fulcrum Red Metal Zero wheelset, Magura MD120 fork, and FSA K Force Light Double Ring crankset.
The bike came in at 24 lbs even.
Cant wait to hear Charlies feedback after he gets it in the dirt, but parking lot tests are promising.
Check out the other beautiful creations from Black Sheep:


  1. Ha ha, the sprint meister won't be seen for dust now!

  2. Just had a sip of the Marble Brew IPA that Charlie sent us. Very nice, I like the fruity taste in the background. I managed a little ski tour on Friday, there is a video here :, Carl and Sian did it today too.