Best Week Ever

Well, not really the best week ever. It was a fine week, but not the best ever. Actually it was a pretty lousy week for Danny boy, who managed to eat some bad Sushi, which never ends well, and then get a tooth pulled a couple days later. Good thing Danny loves pain, or I'd feel sorry for him.

Anyways, following up on last post, Charlie's ridden his Black Sheep a couple of times. We were in the South Foothills a few days ago, and I rode his bike a little. It is a nice bike. Unlike most soft tails that I've ridden, which feel like you have a 2.5 tire on the back without enough air in it, this thing is sweet. You can actually tell there's some suspension back there working for you, but it has the snappyness of a hardtail that a full susser can never quite achieve. And it's soo light, it will be a fantastic endurance race bike.

The foothills were as good as the foothills get. With lots of moisture in the dirt, but no mud, everything was super fast, super smooth, and super grippy. It may just be the foothills, but we sure are lucky to be riding mtb trails in January.

We didn't make it out on Monday night for our ride. I know at this point we've not made it as often as we have made it, but don't worry, we're gonna get it together. I had family obligations that kept me from riding, and it seems I'm the motivator for Tony to get out. Danny's never made it, so he doesn't count anymore.
For the record, I'm pretty sure it snowed again last Monday.
Forecast is good for this weekend through Monday I believe, and we are totally going riding. I strongly recommend joining us, and I also strongly recommend bringing a flask of something strong, as we've discovered that is a nice component of the Monday night ride ( I assume during summer cold beers will replace flasks).

In shop news, we're sad to announce that our keg-o-rator is getting repo'd. Although we though we had been given it permanently, we have recently been informed that it was merely on loan, and needs to be returned. The plus side is we can get ourselves a slick pre-fab setup that will look nicer and take up less space. The down side is we will most likely not have a keg in the shop for a little while.

In other shop news, Danny's dream is finally coming true, and we have an ultrasonic parts cleaner on order. We've been talking about this since we opened, and finally this week inspiration hit and we got one on the way. If your not familiar with ultrasonic parts cleaners, it's basically like a larger, heavy duty jewelery cleaner that uses a mild solution and ultrasonic wave to make greasy dirty old stuff look brand spanking new again.
Once it is up and running, this will become an integral part of our tune up service, and everybody will have the option of getting their bike's drivetrain cleaned so that it looks like new.
Also, because it doesn't require nasty chemicals to do the cleaning, these things are significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional parts cleaners, which is a good thing.

We've been selling Transitions like hot cakes. If you're not familiar with the brand, check them out:
They pretty much only make bikes that you can get rad on, mostly getting rad in the form of downhilling, or dirt jumping, or park, or urban riding. The bikes are bombproof, awesomely priced, and come in a selection of colors.
There was a write up recently in one of the bike mags (can't remember which) about the company. Turns out they are cool guys. Started by a couple of dudes working in the corporate world who couldn't take it anymore, and decided to do something they actually enjoy at the price of significant pay cuts, was something I could relate to. They have dirt jumps outside the warehouse, regular company trail work days, and the only company Christmas card we received that actually made us laugh.
Yesterday we had three Doubles in the shop, Tony's, Ian's and Larry's. Here's a pic of Tony's and Larry's:

With 3.5" of travel in back, this is a versatile bike that is great for dirt jumping, 4X, urban riding, or anything else. Everybody loves this bike, it's unreal. And it comes in so many pretty colors.

They are a new company that's blowing up in a market overflowing with competition because they're doing it for the love of bikes, not money. Just thought I'd throw a little plug in for them, since they are treating us so well.

Thursday night trainer classes have started back up around the corner from us at Concrete Systems. If you are interested, I suggest showing up next week, as the class gets progressively harder every week, and coming into in the middle would be incredibly painful.
There were 62 people participating this week, which was a record. The class is a little over an hour right now, and will get longer as the weeks go on. It will happen 12 more times. There are intervals with gradual cadence increases until your spinning your ass off. There are isolated leg sessions, where you pedal with one leg for a few minutes at a time, which is incredibly hard. And then there is the standing and hammering interval, which was 10 minutes this week and will get up to something unreasonable like 45 minutes long by the end. If you make it every week, you will have some serious fitness under your belt by spring.

If your interested, the class is free, starts at 6:30pm on Thursdays, and is at Concrete Systems, which is right next to the shop. You just need a trainer and your bicycle. If you only have a road bike, you can just throw a slick on the back and your set. If you don't have a trainer, I know some guys with a cool little bike shop that can get you set up.

And last but not least, here is a pic of my boy doing his best "grumpy old fat guy" impression:

"Hey, what're you kid doing on my lawn! Get outta here before I woop your asses!" is what I imagine him saying.


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