04 Dec I don’t ride enough.

I don’t ride enough. The past couple of weeks have been particularly bad. Starting last Monday, I learned what it means to “throw your back out.” That just isn’t fun at all, no wonder people complain about it. I personally think I’m too young to be experiencing thrown out backs, but I am also incredibly inflexible, so that might have something to do with.
Then after a nice couple days off for Turkey consumption, I come down with the crud that seems to be going around. Not too sick, just enough to keep me off the bike, right about the time my back is coming around.
Of course, those are simply excuses. If I’d been 100% the past couple weeks, I still wouldn’t have ridden my bike nearly enough.
It has been far far too long since I’ve worn out a pair of mtn. tires. Tires on my bike go for a year at least before I’m even close to being justified in replacing them, and even then many guys would keep running them, I’m just picky.
It occurred to me last night that I don’t want to give up the few hours a day I spend with my wife and baby in order to ride more, so the only logical solution is to work less, and spend those hours not working on a bike. Fortunately it’s the winter, so that might actually be possible. I’ll get all nice and fit through the winter, so that I’m in top shape come spring when the racing starts and I get too busy to ride again.
I’ve been thinking about riding the SS into the shop (my new Spot 29er SS, which I haven’t put nearly enough miles on yet), then at the end of the day ride it down to Montgomery and hop on a bus. Take the bus up to tramway, hop out and then do a north foothills loop, ride south and do a south loop, then ride down Constitution back home. It would be a nice big SS night ride that wouldn’t require driving my car or riding the SS up to the foothills, which I find quite boring. So somebody should decide they want to join me, then we’ll make plans, then I’ll actually do it because somebody is planning on meeting me, otherwise I’ll just keep talking and never actually ride.
Danny is talking about doing around the mountain on Sunday, almost certainly the last one of the year. Thinking I might be able to join, it would be a good way to break in my new Giant TCR Composite which I’ve had for three weeks now and have yet to go ride.
Danny and I signed up for duo team at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, which is part of my anxiety to ride more. I put in some good lap times last year, but if memory serves, I was riding more last winter.
Thats it, I’m just whining because I’m lazy and I don’t ride enough, and I spend my days fixing bikes of those who actually do ride. I’m also killing a few minutes waiting to be picked up because it’s cold out and I don’t want to ride home because I’m a wimp and I have the sniffles, and you know that 2 mile ride home would just be terrible when you have the sniffles.