04 Dec Bikeworks Weekly Group Ride

So we’ve been talking for a little while now about starting up a weekly open invite mountain group ride, to take place in the evening as quickly as we can close up shop and get to the trail head.
Obviously through the winter the foothills will be the regular spot, perhaps with an occasional White Mesa or Bosque ride thrown in. Then when things thaw again, we’ll head out to the East Mountains more regularly.
I’m thinking a pretty casual ride, not a training ride, because we don’t train.
We have been unable to decide which day of the week is best. So if you have any inclination to ever join us, and have an opinion about which evening is best (other standing weekly group rides? you don’t ride Friday nights because you actually have a social life? can’t possibly be out on whatever night of the week Next Top Model comes on?) leave a comment and let us know.
I’d like to get it started next week, on whichever night we choose. I think 6:30 is a good time for us to start. Obviously that means that you’re going to need a light to join, and if you need a light, come on by and we will get you styled out at an awesome discount just because we’re so flattered that you want to come ride with us.
Awesome, hope somebody want to come ride with us.