07 Dec Bikeworks Shop Ride

After extensive market research and some heavy duty polling of the public, we’ve made the decision to try out Monday night for our weekly shop ride.
So, for this Monday, lets go with 6:30 at the top of Montgomery (Embudito Trailhead) or if you’re like us and enjoy a pre-ride beer, before 6:00 at the shop.
Here’s my question; is the actual trail head parking lot closed after dark? If so, shall we park at the shopping center at Montgomery and Tramway?

We decided against Tuesday nights for a reason I can’t currently remember. We decided Wednesdays were out because that’s gate practice night at the BMX track, so that would have excluded a handful of guys who would otherwise join in, and that way I can continue my empty threats to “make it out there one of these nights and see what this BMX track is all about.” Then starting in January is the Thursday night trainer class at Concrete Systems, which we are planning on attending again this year since it is the best training you’re likely to get done in Janruary, and it’s free. So that got us to Friday night, which had votes against it and quite honestly is the night I can see myself flaking out on the easiest.
So Monday it is. It can be your recovery ride from Sunday if your one of the many who get their biggest miles in on Sunday. Or it can make up for not riding on Sunday, if your one of the many who makes awesome plans for rides your going to do on Sunday and then end up going to Home Depot and then to a 2 year olds b-day party and then cleaning house instead and never touch the bike but thats okay because your wife doesn’t hate you anymore. And it can be a nice little distraction during work on Monday.

So come on out. I think for this week we will just do the standard issue counter-clockwise north foothills loop out to the tram-tower and back. We’ll keep it mellow, this isn’t training or a chance to show off how fast you are, but mostly a way to help make sure we get out on the bike at least one evening a week.

Hope to see you.